Friday, June 22, 2012

Bourjois Blush ~ 92 Santal ~ Review and Swatch ~ and my twist to it !

This song touched my heart like pure love. To even say that I love it,,,,  is in itself an understatement ,, you can find me listening this song any time of the day ,, The movie,, well where to start about it ! I sometimes watch it at 2 in the morning,, I feel alone or I feel loved ,, this movie works its magic everytime. I express with my eyes more than with words. People say that I talk with my eyes . :) I have no clue which eyeshadow suits my eye color. I tried google but nothing inspired/excited me. When I pictured myself wearing eyeshadow it has always been THIS, orangish-brown, plum-purple and shimmery brown. Everything apart from these,,well I cringe at the thought of it. Of course when I comment on Blogger's post with their vibrant eyemakeup and say that '' you look fab'' I mean it!! I like those eye looks on other people, on me na na na .. Standing on makeup counter and imagining this shadow and that shadow on my eyes does help :) So, when I was on the Bourjois counter asking for a particular shade number which they didn't have in stock I asked them to show me the open palette that was kept in their makeup stand. I had already decided on buying the smoky eye trio,,so the sales girl knew which shades I wanted. I looked at the pan of this 92 santal, took a swatch on my hand and immediately said I want this Shadow,, twinkling eyes,,smile on my lips,,I had found THE shadow for me ;)
(Background ) I had to catch a movie which was going to start in 5 mins in the same mall where I was doing all this shopping. I was hurrying like anything,,my cell kept ringing,,i kept on getting threatening calls,,calls from my peeps asking me to come up for the show,,(as if they will disown me ;) I paid the bill and ran and ran . I like running .
(mins later) So, bored of the movie I opened my bag and with the help of the light on my cell  phone, I started checking out the stuff I bought (was ensuring that they gave me everything ! whether I took back my credit card from the billing counter ! what was the free gift ! ooohhh I spent this much :o ! ) ,, I saw a lil pot with blush written on it,, I thought I got blush as a free gift. hmphh why why would they give a blush as a free gift ! I read the name 92 SANTAL and damnnnn!! I got cheated !! Or m I so LOST while shopping ! The shade which I loved was of a Blush not a eyeshadow. The sales girl zipped up her mouth to sell another of their product. I got cheated ! Yet I am Happy ;) I love this shade. I don't wear blush often. It's like only for parties. I used the blush as a shadow and I am having no complaints. It works fine as a eye shadow. Stays put for long ~ 5 hrs ~ Doesn't crease. Has fine shimmer . I LUB it ;) Take a look at the pics.
I didn't care to conceal my dark circles. Why? cos I didn't feel like. Why m I having dark circles ? well... I read till wee hours in the morning + I am not keeping well since past one month. so, please excuse okie :)
I am looking pink/orange/coral over here and I dunno the reason. Plus I accidently deleted all the good ones. 
stop making excuses Namita !!
I used : 1. Lakme perfect radiance compact as a base (I am yet to buy an eyeshadow base) 2. 92 SANTAL Blush by Bourjois as an eyeshadow (miss smarty pants ! or...) 3. Lakme Lash Artist mascara (I need Bourjois one/ Mayebelline one got over last week) 4. Lotus Herbal kajal (LUB it) 5. Revlon Custom eye palette ~      Darkest brown with light shimmer as a eye liner      Shimmery champagne as a highlighter 6. 7. Vega lip filler brush for picking up eye liner shadow 8. Fingers for applying the highlighter
The blush is good, I  have reviewed Lilas D'or another shade from the same range over here  . Have written about the quality and everything in that . I applied it on my cheeks as a bronzer and it looked F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S (only thing is I don't apply bronzer/blush daily,,once in a blue moon case) Price ~ INR 575 Thanks Namita :) Dream some more today .. (p.s. the Blush pot had the eyeshadow applicator in it and not the small blush brush . Man!! She sure tried to fool me!! well... you know everything now.. ;) )

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

Nelly got me gone, gone, gone, gone,
boy you know me you got me gone
boy you know me got me . . 

If you haven't listened this song yet,,and are roasted in this oh so awesome heat then please play it. Blast it in your car when you drive. I assure you you won't be bothered about traffic/heat/stupid drivers ;
All you will get is being transported into another world.. Now trust me. pretty please ;)



:\ Take my advise. Play it :)

Okay drama finish. Here is what I am loving this summer. 

1. Side Braids and Colorful Earrings 

I don't like messy side braids. I find them funny and not relaxed.
I am growing my hair these past months,,,reached till waist,,I need more ! Its either braids or buns for me in summer. Every other thing makes me mad. Hair open.. how much I wanna leave them open, the weather plays a spoil spot. Can happen if someone keeps rotating a hand fan around me every second I am out in the sun ;) ;)

These earrings I have  bought from FabIndia. I don't visit this store often, but this was the only Interesting shop at the airport. There was some time to my flight, I was strolling aimlessly analyzing people and their behavior (my fav past time) ,,got bored,,entered Fab India. These earrings was the lone attractive thing in the store.

2. You gotta be protected by sun rays all the time.

I am soooo new to Sunscreens. I buy them for my maa but I never used them myself.
I never got tanned. Come 2012 and it's happening ( no not apocalypse) ..I have tanned arms which don't match my face,,
So, I tried Lotus and VLCC (It's Bad) but nothing worked for me,
Finally I am contented with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block with SPF 50 . It works for my
arms and neck and legs(m a skirt person) , it Doesn't work for my face. It makes it red. Not allergic to it.

3. I need fruity scented hair in Summers

For this demand of mine I use Herbal Essence color me shiny shampoo and another Hair mist.
Love this!! Cute packaging,,makes my hair shiny and smell amazing.
This is for colored hair though :)

4. I am soooo picky with Facewash

It was always Himalaya Neem facewash for me. I got bored and drifted towards other brands.
Now this Lacto Calamine face wash comes free with the Lacto Calamine lotion.
I buy the purple classic version but I hate the purple facewash that's free with it.
So, I have to smilingly ask the Shopkeeper to please gimme the green facewash.
Now he remembers this routine of mine exchanging free gifts. :D
It works superb. Very light. Very moisturizing. Smells summery to me. yeyy
Detail review sometime in future.    
I feel I need to tell you my Lacto Calamine story.

5. I am a shower person and I love my shower gels and crems

Lux Magic Spell smells amazing. The fragrance lingers on for few hours. I love it. No. I LUB IT ;)
Easy to remove also unlike pears gentle body wash. 

6. I like squeaky clean face in summer      

I remove all my makeup with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser.
Have praised it enough here

7. I like fragrant eye pads

I can't get any. So I put some gulab jal in a small bowl then I add chilled water + some ice (I like super chilled stuff ) , then I put my cute heart embossed cotton pads in the bowl. I keep it refrigerated for 10 mins and then I take the cotton eye pads and place them on my eyes. My day dreaming goes along while my eyes are getting chilled ;)

Don't know why but my phone got clicked with all this so it's among my favs too (silliness personified)

The cute lil chubby purple colored baby elephant you see here just came to pose and say Hi!! to all everyone. 

8. My eyes need some love

I am a voracious reader. So,,along with the chilly exercise I do for my eyes ( as written above) I need to give some extra love for the under eye skin.
Garnier Under eye roller (non-tinted) comes here to my rescue.
The roller ball is soothing :) I like it. 
How I find the tinted roller ? Read Here

9. I love roses
A rose is something really special to me,, I will dedicate a post on my love for rose someday.
So, just picked these rose stud earrings from Accessorize.
These lil babies didn't photograph well. These are in actual ~ neon pink :)

10. I love my face wipes

These are Kara refreshing face wipes with Aloevera and mint oil. Total Love ! 
I have the pink one also,,can't find it now ! 

11. I love my perfumes

I am a perfume girl :) I never get tired of them, take care of them like lil babies (as if they are high maintenance ;) hehhe)
I buy small bottles at times so that I can keep them in my bag when I am on the go..
This one is by Victoria's Secret ~ Dream Angels Wish ~ Anything with Angel and I am sold ! Reason ! This is what my love calls me :)
Oh ,, it smells amazing !! Floral+Fruity = Happy Angel ^-^ ;)

That's all for now ! I am off to sleep ! Fever + Sour throat = Disturbed Angel :\



Angel ;) 

p.s. wonder what the collage thing is in the background??..well that's my inspiration box. Will show you all properly what I am talking about.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel ~ Rose Sensuel + an awesome song which can become your favorite too ;)

Beauty queen on a silver screen
Living life like I'm in a dream 
I know I've got a big ego
I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though  
♥ ♥ 

I relate to this song completely ;) no wonder it's my phone's ringtone too ! 
Ok, now I was honestly on a look for this baby pink shade the singer wears in this music video. I did a lil hunt for this in Bourjois but well I couldn't find it,, 

what I did found is this baby below :)

Its so freakin gorgeousss..  
I have a close dupe of it by Faces Canada,, you can see that over here .

This is my first lipstick from Bourjois and I am super impressed with the quality.
It doesn't stick,,stays put on my lips for a good 4-5 hours,,moisturizes my lips.

I still wear a lipbalm underneath because I am having dry lips these days.
The shade is beautiful, the color of a pink rose ,, yes the beautiful pink rose :)

The packaging is uber cool ,, the snap pull button is awesome,, thus extremely travel friendly.
The bullet looks sturdy,,but I still keep it refrigerated because of the awesome heat ;)
Pinks, plums, corals and reds suit my skin shade,,and this one suits me so very well. 

Only thing I feel is that it is kinda sheer, so for those who have pigmented lips you would have to dab a little foundation/primer/any base before applying it to let the true color show up.

What the Brand says about it on their website :



All the benefits of Nature in one lipstick!
Its formula of 100% natural origin brings radiance and care to lips.
Enriched with magnolia oil and shea butter, its melting formula intensely nourishes lips, leaving them supple and providing them with 8 hours of moisture.
The intense and radiant shades illuminate your lips thanks to the 100% natural pigments selected for their purity and benefits: antioxidant green tea and soothing rose.
8 shades ranging from the most natural to the most sophisticated and from softer to more sensuous hues, for naturally beautiful lips

Price ~ Rs. 660


Namita  ♥ 

p.s. I highly recommend it :) 
p.p.s This was a part of my I lub Bourjois Haul :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Additions to my Bourjois collection ~ I lub Bourjois ♥

I am getting very choosy these days. If I don't like anything then I am not going to pick something just for the heck of it, now the "sane" me was in the look for a good liquid eyeliner but the options available near my place weren't good so I waited.

Him to me ~ Buy anyone ,, everything looks good on you * :D *
me to Him ~ umm noo,, pencil liner hurts me :\
Him looking at the liner ~ *analysing the  hurting ability* ,, "" how come,, it's just a pencil "
me to Him ~ You love my eyes na,,what if I poke the pencil into my eye while applying it ;)
Him to me ~ Uff !! You better be safe !! You are too much accident prone vaise bhi!!
me to Him ~ awwww
Him to me ~ *sweetest smile ever* ♥ ♥ 

This is all I bought ~

Bourjois Smoky Eye trio ~ Mordore Chic 03 ~ Rs. 645
Blush ~ 92 Santal ~ Rs. 575
Sweet Kiss Lipstick ~ 03 Rose Sensuel ~ Rs. 660
Clubbing Eyeliner ~ Absolute Black ~ Rs. 525
Eyeshadow Brush ~ Rs. 150

Got the Lipgloss no. 5 as a Gift :) :) 

Do let me know If anyone of  you wants me to review something first,, else reviews coming in following days. I will be blogging regularly now,, spent too much time reading books! :)


Good Luck :)


p.s. Did you see how the requirement was for only a liquid eyeliner,, everything else just fell into its place because It was " Bourjois " . I wouldn't have done this with any other brand :D