Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vivacious Flair and GlossyBox giveaway ~ ~ ~ :) for Indian Residents only ~~

GlossyBox  is making head turns even before it is launched, now that is what I call as Perfection..
Curious like a cat,,m all game for GlossyBox,,what about u???

If you are a curious cat like me and well want to experience the much awaited Glossy Boxes then read further.

This giveaway is for Indian Residents only.

GlossyBox along with Vivacious Flair is organizing a giveaway in which I will be choosing a winner who will get a gorgeous pink GlossyBox absolutely FREE!!
GlossyBox is a beautifully wrapped box containing a mix of 5 travel - and full-sized products, carefully catered by beauty experts.

The Ahhhmazing Brands associated with GlossyBox

All you have to do is this :

1.  Tell me in the comment section below about the "The Biggest Beauty Secret I have is...."

2. To participate in this contest you have  to follow my Blog and my Twitter profile AND GlossyBox twitter profile too.

 Retweet this : I just entered VivaciousFlair's giveaway to win a pretty GlossyBox . Enter here http://vivaciousflair.blogspot.in/2012/01/vivacious-flair-and-glossybox-giveaway.html

3. Put the first pic in the post in the side bar of your Blog with a link back to my profile~this is for blog owners only.

Simple eh.. :) Simplicity is fun ..simplicity is pretty :)

The winner would by pick by me,,, . No random number generator here,,
so,,Let your Beauty Secrets out..
..start commenting NOW!! you don't want to miss out on this one..
only one entry per person

The contest ends on the 21st February  . 
Comment Now!!

Follow my Twitter Profile here ~ VivaciousFlair Twitter
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Enjoy and Good Luck 

If you want to get to know more about the GlossyBox, then check this post of mine here

comment example :

"The Biggest Beauty secret I have is *********************"
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This giveaway is for Indian Residents only.



Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

what do you people you do when you have to choose among two equally good things!! I fell short of thoughts when in a situation like this then and then I do something like this :

Two makeup brush sets equally cute ~ equally efficient (shhh okay one was much better!! but still ..) and I have to make a choice, the lady at the counter is staring at me,,its been a long long pause and she wants to attend other customers too!!,,,what do I do,,what do I DO!! I do the cutest thing then ,,keep both of them side by side and count on  them,,

" I love *my love's name *"

 : D , the one on which number "my love's name" fall is the one I buy,,, I KNOW!! if I believe in such a thing then it will always be the one kept on the left but still I love doing this each and every time,, :) :) :)

so,,this is the one I bought and lets see how it has fared me till now..

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

This smart little leather pouch has 3 brushes in it :

1. A large powder Brush

2 A blush Brush

3 A concealer Brush

The powder Brush is a nice long brush with very soft bristles , I won't say its super soft,,Its soft!! .
The barrel is quite sturdy and it has some rhinestones places on it which looks pretty and girly :)
It is quite efficient i picking up loose powder from the pan and the blending part is good too. There is no streaky marks left on my face after I use it.
The brush looks heavy but it is not,,I actually like its grip .

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

The blush brush is my favorite among these three. It does its job quite nicely and is light weight so blending is a effortless job with this one,,also it does not pick up too much color at a time,,hence I have a hold on the  color pick-up

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

Then there is the concealer brush. It is really not worth even a rupee. It doesn't do its job, its picks up cream concealers but can't blend them, the bristles are so stiff. doesn't even bend. I would have thrown it if it wasn't pretty . :)

Oriflame Makeup Brush Set ~ make that change 2011 collection

The brushes come in their plastic covering, which still is intact, impressive!!

I love the pink rhinestones on it,,super cute ^-^ :)

I had a fear that the stones will fell of once I wash them , but no,,some 5-6 times I have washed them and nothing fell off..
The finishing of the brushes is very nice.I just felt that the concealer brush is a wastage in it,

Recommendation : no please...even though the powder and the blush brush is good,,

Price : INR 750, i got it at around INR 500 :) :)



Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colorbar I-glide pencil ~ Prunella ~ pictures, review and EOTD

If you read my recent tweet where I rambled how I have found out that eye liners don't suit my eyes then I know you must be laughing now,,like whats the need of this post on eye liner then,,,
the need is there,, because its a pretty shade and I don't want any of you to miss out on this one..

Colorbar I-glide pencil ~ Prunella ~ pictures, review and EOTD

Colorbar I-glide pencil ~ Prunella ~ pictures, review and EOTD

Its a pretty color, a deep purple shade with no shimmer and soft creamy texture,at times it looks like brown too, under my water line it does,,
as the name suggests,,glide,,it does glide smoothly.

It looks nice on my eyes, actually it suits brown eyes so I was happy :D

The texture is creamy, it does not smudge on my eyes,,but made them a bit watery.

The packaging is fine,,practical with the shade showing on the bottom of the pencil.

what the packaging states :

~ Extremely soft and outstanding smooth formula, almost like a liquid liner.
~ Easy to blend shortly after application
~ Waterproof, super longwear, no transfer and smudge-proof.

~ Shade is Prunella 05 , a very pretty purple~egg plant shade

~Its a gorgeous shade and is a nice color even for every day fun wear,, its not a office wear color but ya a fun shade for outings. I use very basic neutral shades as eye shadow on my lids, but as a liner it is a welcome change,,but then well,,who m I kiddin...m off liners as of now.
see it doesn't suit my eyes much ,, :\ I think it makes them appear small, when they are not actually.

Colorbar I-glide pencil ~ Prunella ~ pictures, review and EOTD

p.s. I threw some 26 makeup/beauty products a day before yesterday because all they had were different compounds of paraben,  I felt good , It didn't pain me.
Paraben has some connection with it being a initiator for cancer. I go numb as read/write/hear the C word. I lost someone so very special due to it few years back, the worst thing is that you don't really know how it starts,, so for this very reason I threw everything and I have thought of checking the ingredients first,,the cute packagings are no more attractive to me,,the ingredients are... :)

On a happy note :) I am on a saree spree these days :) woohoooo!!! 3 sarees in making ;) one is a new buy ~ a chiffon saree in baby pink with crystal and stone work :D , a light purple-silver saree,,much like the one Priyanka Chopra wore in Dostana , its a decent one :) and my mum's wari saree (wari is a punjabi word , it means the clothes and jewellery the groom's side collects for the bride) its a gorgeous royal blue saree in self  print with a dull silver designer palla (the one which falls down from the shoulder ; outer end of the saree) :D  :D m so happy :D , will show them once the finishing work is completed.

Okay,,this was a L O N G post :) but you know something, I treat all of you as my friends and I feel like we all are sitting at one place and listening to one another's giggles and talks :)

oh ya...
Recommendation : get this one,,even if you are just a black eyeliner girl..it will be a good start towards the colored ones.

This pencil does not have any parabens in it :)

Price ~ Around INR 375 , yep the price has increased :\
Quantity ~ 1.1 gm



something you will love for sure ~ VioletBag.com ~ website review and a Haul

Online shopping is not new to me and I know quite well that it is not new to you girls also ;) 
But what is new this time is this lovely website that is love actually right from the name it has to the box it delivers its products in.

 why did I say "something you will love for sure" ? in the title of this post,,,its because I know how much we girls like uniqueness in our lives, be it a unique pair of earrings or even a uniquely named website,, 

I am talking about violetbag.com , our very own violet colored website .

something you will love for sure ~ VioletBag.com ~ website review and a Haul 

I love its layout!! easy and stylish!! , the varied brands it has is something that all other major shopping websites (beauty) lacks completely,,and not to forget the amazing discounts you get when you shop from them.

I love bags, and so I love that violet colored bag it has in its logo,,

which reminds me I don't have any violet colored bag,, which also reminds me that I dreamt of buying three new clutches in my dream last night ;) ;) m telling you it was a early morning dream,,yep right before the scary earthquake that shook me up like anything,,,
, the epicenter was so damn near my home,, though at a Richter scale of 3.9 , I now very well know how massive this small magnitude can be,, because I skipped a heart beat,,,phew 2012!!!!!! 
ok enough of stupidity , lets continue with the review ,,shall we,, :)

So, I was given a opportunity to review this website and mannn I am honored, :)

I picked up 4 things from the site and they are :

1. Lakme absolute plump and shine 3D Gloss in Berry shine ~ INR 356 instead of INR 375
2. Lakme absolute white intense concealer stick  in Light to medium ~ INR 428 instead of INR 450
3. Faces eyelash curler ~ INR 134 instead of INR 149
4. Maybelline Lip smooth balm shade Dolly Rose  ~ INR 94 instead of INR 99.

something you will love for sure ~ VioletBag.com ~ website review and a Haul 

something you will love for sure ~ VioletBag.com ~ website review and a Haul 

So, you see the lovely discounts you get by Violetbag.com , :) 

I placed the order on 23rd, it was shipped on 24th and I recieved it on 27th, It would have been at my place on 26th itself, but because of the National Holiday it reached the next day,,but well ,,still it  reached within the proclaimed 3-5 days  of delivery time,,precisely on the 4th day :)

I am very happy with the professionalism this site showed with a quick email invoice as soon as I placed the order and with a sms alert too.

The categories it has are as followed :

~ Fragrance
~ skin care
~ bath and body
~ hair care
~ makeup
~ herbal
~ accessories

so you see,,such varied categories and so many brands...

~ Things sweet 

~ Attractive layout and the name too ;)
~ Fragrances
~ variety of brands
~ professionalism
~ Fast delivery
~ Good discounts

I just want them to add some more cosmetic/beauty brands in their list :) It would be like a cherry on a cake then :)

Each and every thing came in perfect condition with sheets of thermocole tightly taped onto them .

something you will love for sure ~ VioletBag.com ~ website review and a Haul 

something you will love for sure ~ VioletBag.com ~ website review and a Haul 

Recommendation : YES please :) 

Shop at VioletBag.com , have a look at it, and get hooked on to it :)



I was given a voucher to shop from this website by their PR, but my reviews are honest as always.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Faces Glam On Cream Blush ~ Peach Glow

What the company states :
Faces GLAM ON Cream Blush  ~ Long lasting color, stays all day long. Complements all skin types.

Faces Glam On Cream Blush ~ Peach Glow 

I have lived near the sea shore for quite a long time and the sun kissed glow you get while spending a nice sunny day on the coast is something no blush can ever give to you,,
since I have moved now,,and there is only a lake and a canal near my home,,I have to depend on Blushes to get that peachy sun kissed glow :) ;)
So, when I saw this blush ~ Peach Glow by Faces I was all game for it,, even before swatching it on my hand,,sometimes you just look at something and you know its perfect,,its that kind of product for me.

Faces Glam On Cream Blush ~ Peach Glow 

Faces is a well known brand now,,it does not need any sort of introduction now.
But ya this Blush does..because its a Cream based Blush..
I wanted to buy the NYX cream blushes but well I bought something else.. :D ,,its a good thing and will be there on my blog in coming days..

The shade is Peach Glow ~ Its true peach shade with golden fine shimmer in it, It looks burnt orange in the pan but when blended on skin it looks like a true peach shade,,very pretty indeed. :)

Faces Glam On Cream Blush ~ Peach Glow 

The golden shimmer makes this more of a night time Blush in my opinion. Of course you can wear it in the day if you want :)

Faces Glam On Cream Blush ~ Peach Glow 

I only had either Pink or Brown pink Blushes in my vanity up till now, this is the first time I have bought a Peach Blush and m glad I went for this one.

This is a neither super creamy blush nor a hard waxy one.. its somewhere in between and you need to blend it with your fingers quite nicely.

On my skin it stays put for not more than 4 hours. So, you can say that the day long wear claim is a bit too much.

Packaging is good, nice shiny glossy packaging with a small mirror inside. Its absolutely travel friendly because of the tight clasp it has.

You can either use your fingers to get the product from the pan, or q-tips or a stippling brush. If you use your fingers for taking the blush from the pan then make sure they are sanitized. You don't want germs and bacteria to dwell on your Blush..

There are a total of 7 shades in this range and this one is shade number 006 ~ Peach Glow

The things good ~ 

~ The shade....lovely !!
~ The texture ,,, perfect sort of creamy..
~ The minute gold shimmer
~ The packaging
~ The price

The things not so good ~

~ The staying power

Price ~ INR 399

Quantity ~ 3.5 gm

Shelf Life ~ 3 years

Recommendation : yes please if you love a peachy glow on your face. Its of good quality too.



GLOSSYBOX Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

All girls love glossy shiny boxes,,,, true right,, ?
All girls love trying makeup and cosmetics ,,,,, true right.. ?
All girls love to dance....true right,, ? :D

Its the time to """"Dance""" then,,much like Joey did that ZAzz dance in Friends with the Butterfly move at the end of it,,,ya like that,,,ok not much like that,,but ya dance for sure ;)

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)
The Box is prettttyyyyyy !! :)

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

So, the GLOSSYBOX has finally arrived in INDIA and boy I am so so happy and excited with that :)
It already has its operations in 14 countries and is Damnnn successful there,,so,,now its our turn to enjoy now..

GLOSSYBOX is a monthly subscription Beauty Box in which you receive 5 high end travel and full size beauty and makeup products for a fee of INR 700.
If you like these products you can always buy their full version from their website. Also you do get some Glossy dot points with every monthly GLOSSYBOX you purchase with which you can get discount on the makeup or beauty product that you purchase from their website.

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

All in all a super fun thing to subscribe to.

They have this contest on their Facebook Profile tommorrow where you can win a 3 month subscription for free..
wat are you waiting for,, (Christmas?? ohhh I love using this line on people all the time :P),, join the website, be a member and have fun :)


website & their Blog : GLOSSYBOX BEAUTY

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

All images taken from GLOSSYBOX Beauty's  Facebook Profile .



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loreal Liss Ultime Serum ~ Review

I had been planning to write a review on this for the past 2 months but I guess it wanted to come out on my blog on Republic Day only :)

Happy Republic Day to all my Indian friends :) 
I missed the parade this year,,but never mind next year I will watch it for sure, 
as a Army kid I have always lived in an environment which motivated me to get into the Armed Forces but well things took a turn and I landed up somewhere else :) but the spirit of doing something worthwhile for your country never died in me,,being a responsible citizen is the least you can do for your country, knowing very well that there are people guarding your country with a proud smile on their face and not with a thought that there is a constant risk to their life..

Back to how you can guard your hair if you use constant heat to style them.

Loreal Liss Ultime Serum ~ Review 

I have normal hair and I try to use heat styling equipment as less as I can,, but whenever I do so I never fail to use this Loreal Serum before.

Its a shine perfecting serum : control, suppleness and shine for unruly hair in one step.
Contains nourishing ingredients that leave hair shine, smooth and ultra light.

Directions to use : apply 1-2 pumps to shampoo and towel dried hair and style as usual. Do not rinse .


Quantity ~ 125 ml

Price ~ 580 INR

Shelf Life ~ 29 months

My take on it ~ I love this serum, its the only one I have and I don't think I will have to change it or buy a new one till it expires, because I don't use it much and also because two pumps is enough for my hair length, so this one actually goes on long...
It does give extra shine and smoothness to the hair. I take it on my palm, spread it nicely all over it and then I use my fingers as a comb to spread the serum evenly on my hair, also I don't use it over my scalp as it is not advised and I concentrate more on the tips of the hair.
It gets absorbed super soon and leaves you hair very soft and light weight,,just like silk.
I have never faced any issues heat styling my hair anymore because of this serum as after using it not only the frizzyness vanishes but also the dryness you feel after you heat style your hair is absent.

The fragrance is mild but I don't like fragrance in my cosmetics.

There is no sticky feeling in your hair even after hours of using it.
For heat styling it is effective as the issue I had with the dryness due to heat styling is effectively curbed down with this product.

Recommendation : yes please, if you are into curling/straighteing your hair..If you only blow dry your hair then you can skip this. I never blow dry my hair as I find it too much of effort and also the damage it does to the hair in the long run.

This is how it looks on my hair,,see the shine,..combined effect of straightening and this serum.. :)

Loreal Liss Ultime Serum ~ Review 

I have used this Serum in one post, you can check it out here



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lakme Lash Artist ~ Review and Pictures

What Lakme has to say about this 

The ultimate in definition and separation. This must have mascara delivers stunningly defined eyes. The unique brush separates and curls each lash and coats it from root to tip without ever clumping. Smudge-proof, tear proof and easily removable.

Lakme Lash Artist ~ Review and Pictures

I was using the Maybelline Colossal Mascara for around 2 years and was actually not very happy with the results as time passed by. Initially it was ok, but as I used it more and more I felt it was not actually what I want for my lashes. It clumped and did not make my lashes curl, but yes full points for making the false volume effect.

Lakme Lash Artist ~ Review and Pictures

So, when I thought of buying a new one, I was all game for the Bourjois one but somehow I went and bought the Lakme Lash Artist and I must say its one product that actually makes your lashes curl.
I had a Lakme Mascara before the Maybelline one but I don't think so it was the Lash Artist, it was something else and gave satisfactory results to me. But then the Maybelline colossal range came up and I went and bought that one.

Lakme Lash Artist ~ Review and Pictures

The positive points of the Lakme Lash Artist are :

~ It fans out my lashes beautifully.
~ No clumping on the lashes
~ I like the wand applicator, the brush is good and separates the lashes quite nicely.
~ Packaging is sturdy
~ Odor free, I dislike cosmetics with any kind of smell.
~ Gives length to the lashes
~ Easy to remove too.

The negative points of the Lakme Lash Artist :

~ Non-attractive but I can live with that ;)
~ You have to retouch the mascara after 3-4 hours.
~ No false volume effect.
~ No composition list anywhere. this freaks me out sometime,,with so much being written about cosmetics and their unhealthy composition in the newspaper these days.

Nothing major of a con actually except the missing composition list,,,, else its good value for money .

Price : 225 INR

Net volume : 6 ml

Shelf life : 2 years

Here is how it looks on my eyes.
sorry for the not so clear pictures , my camera is not working at the moment.

Lakme Lash Artist ~ Review and Pictures

Lakme Lash Artist ~ Review and Pictures

I have used Bourjois Intense Extrait eyeshadow number 3 all on my lids, review here ~ Bourjois eye shadow no. 3
Revlon colorstay eye liner on the upper lash line , review here ~ revlon eye liner
Lotus Herbal Kajal on my water line , review here ~ Lotus Herbal Kajal

Recommendation : yes please, I will update it within 2 weeks again to tell how it fared because its a recent buy.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Colorbar Nail Paints ~ Exclusive 15 and 74 ~ NOTD

Hey all !! did anyone miss me ;)
I missed you all..

It has been a not so good month for me till now, been unwell for such a long time :( but as they say it's actually how your mind thinks turns out to be how you feel..so still unwell and hell lot of bored I looked out for my camera and started clicking pictures,,, but again something happened,,my camera started misbehaving and I believe I have to buy a new one now ;) yeyyyyeeeeeee :D

So, last december I bought these two colorbar exclusive nail paints in 15 and 74

Colorbar Nail Paints ~ Exclusive 15 and 74 ~ NOTD
15 ~ a very minty green color or is it Tiffany's blue : / not sure..

well m not all game for this shade,, its pretty on cute little boxes or walls but not on my nails, I bought it for doing nail art and also to pair up with a glittery blue polish.
well for those girlies who love wearing bright shades on their nails I totally recommend this one.

Colorbar Nail Paints ~ Exclusive 15 and 74 ~ NOTD

                                                      :P MESSY :P

~ 74 ~  a very pale baby pink mixed with silver glitter ~ love <3 <3

Its very sheer but I love it, it matches with anything you wear ( it also matches with a new saree I have bought few days back and I'm dying to wear it,, its so so so so pretty *-*)

Colorbar Nail Paints ~ Exclusive 15 and 74 ~ NOTD

I thought of saying Astalavista to all of you from VivaciousFlair a couple of weeks back but um yaa that's a different story and I have shunned that idea..

So girlies,, long time,,how have you been doing,,wats new :)

much love

Thank you


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylit Digital ~ Pictures and Review

When I was a child I had soft curly hair but then I grew up and my hair got straight with slightly wavy ends.
I am a taurian and they are known to be moody, so at times all I want is tight curly hair and on a different day all I want is poker straight tresses ;) .
 It was only last year that I bought this Straightener from Morphy Richards.

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylit Digital ~ Pictures and Review

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylit Digital ~ Pictures and Review

I had bought a local brand hair straightener before this one and it was terrible,, It made my hair all frizzy and yuk. So, I thought why not look for something better and then I saw this and another one which was in pink color both from Morphy Richards. Now I fell for the pink one for obvious reasons but the only problem it had was that it had a dial for temperature control and you have to manually regulate it to have your desired temperature and this one, the black beauty had a Electronic temperature control in LCD display which in my opinion was more practical and safe too.

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylit Digital ~ Pictures and Review

So , I bought the black one and I must say that it really does an awesome job.

Stuff about this Straightener :

1. Electronic temperature control with LCD display.
2. Five heat settings - Minimum 120 degree Celsius to Max temperature 210 degree Celsius.
3. On/Off switch
4. Ceramic coated heating plates
5. 360 degree swivel cord
6. Accessories ~ one comb, two hair clips and one accessory bag
7. Model number ~ Stylit Digital
8. Specifications ~ 40W, 230V-50Hz

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylit Digital ~ Pictures and Review

I love its sleek design., the fact that I can manually control the heat settings through the LCD display and that the cord can swivel 360 degrees which gives me a great control handling it. Also the plates are ceramic coated thus there is less chance of your hair getting damaged.
It comes with a accessory bag which had  a comb with a long pin tail, 4 hair clamps and a operating manual.

How I use it :

I don't straighten up  my hair regularly, its just for any party I have to attend or a special something,, The fact that I have got a hold on how to curl my hair with this straightener is a  bonus.
So, Before starting this straightening stuff I use Loreal's Liss Ultime Serum which is for heat styling your hair, after that I straighten up my hair at 160 degree which is a moderate heat level that works well for me.
Straightening my hair takes about 5 minutes with this styler and I guess that's a good thing.

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylit Digital ~ Pictures and Review

My hair definitely gets a more polished look after straightening with this styler and I am totally happy with the results I get from it,, completely worthy of the money I shelled out for this equipment.

I also have another Styler from Morphy Richards which have some 8-10 extensions and I will be talking about it in another blog post soon.

Before and After pics :

Before :
my hair looks damn wavy at the ends but its the lighting that is creating this effect,, it does not look like this in real. :) more straight actually :)

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylist Digital ~ Pictures and Review

After :

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylist Digital ~ Pictures and Review

A random hairstyle , this was non intentional,, I was watching tv and my mum clicked it without telling me,,thought of sharing this with you guys. yup the braids around the flower can't be seen.. :| , there were 6 braids twisted and pinned forming loops which looks good , but here you can't seem to see any thing,, still I am uploading this one cos my mum clicked it :)

Morphy Richards Hair Straightner Stylist Digital ~ Pictures and Review

Overall I am really impressed with this straightener and this Brand too.
I will also be reviewing the Liss Ultime serum soon..Its really awesome girls :)

Price ~ 2495 INR
comes with a 2 year warranty.

Recommendation : yes please if you really want to invest in a good straightener.

Review of the Loreal Liss Ultime serum over here



Everything that matters 100th post giveaway announcement ~ sweet gesture by Jyoti

So, I am entering another giveaway and it had to be this one , not because of the giveaway prizes but because of the sweetheart behind it,,drum rolls please.....its our very own Jyoti :) whom I lovingly call Jyo :)

She is really sweet, very cute,,,so damn friendly,,an awesome blogger,,has a superbly sweet voice (sings beautifully),, very pretty and umm  what else,,,well a very good friend who actually asked me back about my health :D :D

okay so now her blog ,, everything that matters has completed 100 posts and the lovely girl she is,she is having a giveaway going on at her blog with amazing giveaway prizes. I really love her blog, I read so many blogs on a daily basis and she is the only blogger that really communicates with her blog readers in a super friendly way with her trademark ;) wink smilies :D :D hehe

Everything that matters 100th post giveaway announcement ~ sweet gesture by Jyoti

Keep up the good work Jyo,,I luv coming back at your blog because I really love how detailed and genuine your reviews are, something that I get inspired from. If I remember both of our blogs started almost at the same time and it has been lovely knowing you.

To enter Jyoti's blog everything that matters 100th post giveaway which have awesome Avon products you can enter here everything that matters 100th giveaway post.

All the best everyone..
and thanks Jyo.. :) your sweetness can touch many hearts.. Have not told you before (yep me shy) but I really like you as a friend.. :) .. crossed my heart while saying this..

 Bless you..


Saturday, January 07, 2012

Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam ~ Picture and Review

Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam 

Do you girls keep on repeating your favorite cosmetics like always,,The reason why I am asking this is that I have been using the same face wash and cleansing foam for like 2 years and now I am bored of even seeing them everyday. Its not like I did not use any other face wash in between,but well,,they didn't fare as well as my favorites did. So, when I was in the supermarket few weeks back, I stumbled upon the ponds flawless white range and thought of giving a shot to the facial foam,, (loved the pink+white combo) and I am happy I did.

Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam ~ Picture and Review

Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam ~ Picture and Review

Although its winter but there is no respite from pollution in the air so a good cleanser which not only cleanses/scrubs but also moisturizes the face,, is very necessary. Our skin gets ripped of its moisture in winters and thus my skin  loves the extra love of  scrubs and cleansers in this season. So all in all I got it and started trying it few weeks back and its really good, its doing good for my skin in this chilly weather and I really love it for this.

Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam ~ Picture and Review

I use this facial foam two times a day, using circular cleansing motion and then washing it off with luke warm water. The results are awesome, not only it is cleaning my skin very well but the little pink white granules in it scrubs my skin lightly and leaves a glowy effect that lasts long.

Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam ~ Picture and Review

The packaging is very attractive, lovely white and pink tube with a pretty pink cap. Its almost one month that I have been using it and its not even half empty,, 
For the white effect ~ I don't give any attention to this, I buy and re-buy stuff that I genuinely like and personally all this stuff is marketing gimmicks and nothing else.

It's thick in consistency like any ponds cream but even a pea sized amount makes so much foam that I am always trying to take out less amount than what I took out the last time :D

It needs to be followed by moisturizing your face with your favorite moisturizer. :)

What the packaging states ~

Enriched with new VAO-B3 complex, this foaming cleanser washes away the dirt, oil and impurities that cause dullness, revealing bright, sparkling skin underneath.

All in all a  good change from my staples and umm,,change is good na,,I needed Change , well I need change in lots of other stuff too and yup there are some major changes going on,,which I will be sharing with all of you super soon...

Price : 175 INR
Quantity : 100 gm

Recommendation : yes please, though I personally feel this will suit girls with oily skin more than the ones with dry skin.



Friday, January 06, 2012

Avon Natural Strawberry Lip Balm ~ Pictures and Review

Avon Natural Strawberry Lip Balm ~ Pictures and Review

This beautiful weather is making me reach for lipbalms and moisturizers like never before, although I love my Lotus Herbal Cocoa Lip Balm like anything, this lovely beauty needs worth a mention.
I am not much a fan of colored lip balms but yeah well the weather is making me reach for this one as much as for the cocoa one, reason being I am trying to match it up with the color of my cheeks these days ( :D )
Jokes apart , this one is good and works very well for chapped lips.

What I like about this is that its non-waxy, I can bare with a lip balm not doing its work like it should but I can not bear any waxy lip balm,, it irritates me like anything.
Also its not absolutely opaque,,its sheer and thus is good enough for my requirement.

Avon Natural Strawberry Lip Balm ~ Pictures and Review

As far as moisturizing my lips is concerned its doing its job averagely, I don't see it working for overly chapped lips.
The fragrance is fruity and not overpowering, its ok for me.

The packaging is fine, its compact and the cap is sturdy and closes well, hence handbag friendly.

Price ~ I don't know :D will update soon
Quanity ~4 gm

Recommendation : If your lips are dry and not super chapped then yes please, else try cocoa from lotus herbal, its awesome and I swear by it.

If your lips are super chapped then take a small amount of  Ghee/clarified butter (heat it) and use it on your lips, this shall solve your problem :)