Vivacious Flair is my personal blog and is about everything related to the world of beauty. 
All the product reviews on my blog are after trying and testing them upon myself and then only are they published.
It can be there that something which I say might not be as per you or something that has worked upon me might not do any good to you, so its best to use your own sensibilities while making a decision whatsoever it might be as I am just showcasing(guiding) you of the products which deserve worth a mention .

Also you are free to comment here on my blog as long as it doesn't contain any objectionable content, else I would really like to make some great friends over here with whom I can connect on a beautiful note.

I am trying to learn how to photograph things in a nice manner hence the pictures on my blog are my own , if not then there will be a link to the original place I took it from and will give the owner his/her due for sure.

I believe in honesty and my blog will be a reflection towards it, if something irks me I don't mind giving my opinion at that very moment but what ever it may be I am going to stick to it.

If you want to use any of the picture clicked by me present on my blog then kindly tell me before hand and link the picture back to my blog towards the page you have used it upon.

Will love to make some friends over here,,so do drop in a comment and say hi!!!! :)

If you have a say about anything or just want to speak to me casually then shoot me an email at 17.namita@gmail.com