Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Himalaya Under Eye Cream ~ Review, Pictures and Swatch

There's a girl whom I know very well, she is happy and very chirpy , sleeps way past midnight, sometimes reading sometimes drawing and sometimes busy on phone,, she is in a dire need of a good eye cream, her large nut brown colored eyes are on the start of loosing their charm ,,,thanks to the dark circles which are kind of mismatching the nut brown color of her eye,,,,  all of a sudden on a lovely sunny day came in Himalaya Under Eye cream and boy how she stood up for that girl,,, did everything to keep her pretty eyes look better day by day and now after around 45 days of taking its help the girl wants to tell her pretty friends that what has saved her can be theirs Savior too.....

umm ya the girl is me ofcourse,,,who else were u expecting :p :p

Himalaya Under Eye Cream ~ Review, Pictures and Swatch

Himalaya Under Eye Cream ~ Review, Pictures and Swatch

Himalaya Under Eye Cream ~ Review, Pictures and Swatch

Himalaya Under Eye Cream ~ Review, Pictures and Swatch

80 % reduction of dark circles in just 4 weeks.

This under eye cream contains proven and safe blend of herbs specially created to care for the delicate area around the eyes.
~ Breakthrough herbal activities of Cipadessa baccifera and Berginia Ligulata .
~ Reduces appearance of dark circles and protects the sensitive area under the eyes from sunlight.
~ Detoxifies and intensely moisturizes the under eye area and smoothens wrinkles and fine lines.
~ Regular usage prevent new wrinkles formation.
~ US Patent Pending

Visible Results :

~ 80 % reduction in dark circles in just 4 weeks
~ 28 % in under eye wrinkles and fine lines in just 4 weeks
~ Brighter ans smoother eye contour

Directions for use 

Gently massage into the delicate area beneath the eyes after thorough cleansing. Use twice daily.

My take :

I use it as and when I remember to do so, I hate following regimes, that's not how I do things for myself,, still my hands look out for it around 2 times a day and well..that has worked pretty darn well for me. From dark dark circles to now minor ones I am really thankful to this little sweetheart. My under eye area has brightened up too and those creepy small lines have started bidding their good byes to me ;). I did not suffer from puffiness under the eyes so can not say how much effective it will be in that case.
It is of creamy consistency and thus gets absorbed easily under the skin, color is a light faun shade but it does not provide any sort of coverage. 
Its not a magic wand that will erase your dark circles in a week, give it a shot for almost 2 months so as to see good effects and also don't forget to get your much needed sleep AT THE RIGHT TIME,, 
Dark circles are those issues that crop up when you don't pay attention to your sleep pattern and also your diet intake,, apart from cosmetics which can give you result for few months only, eating/sleeping at the right time can make your dark circles vanish for ever.

Price ~  150 INR
Quantity ~ 15 ml

Recommendation : Yes please,, I am on the search for a more better option though, :) will update once I find something worth sharing, till then this one is for me baby!! :)




  1. 80% is damn good! Do you have any before and after pics?

  2. I have this and i love it,for me not dark circle eye puffiness is the problem and this one is effective for that. Slight change in wrinkles also there :)

  3. @ Cherry Lane :

    umm no I don't have it ,, but it really works :)

  4. @ Siri Sekhar :

    ohh thats nice then Siri, I was not sure abt the puffiness part but now I know :)

  5. wow, that's nice glad it worked so well, though i don't have dark circles i still use under eye gels. Is this eye cream heavy or is easily absorbed?

  6. Is it so Namita ??? I m suffering from this shit under eye psblm since childhood :(...tried many bt nothing worked :(...surely gonna try this ...hope will work on me !! :D
    btw loads love <3 ;)

  7. @ Kumkum Jain :

    Kumkum its slightly heavy, so just a very small amt is enough otherwise it does get greasy.
    which under eye gel u use?


  8. @ Ayantika :

    since childhood??umm more than these creams you should check ur diet intake,,i knw u must be doing though :)
    bt ya do try it out,,you never know what might just work for you...

    loads of love to you too :) :)
    <3 <3

  9. namita, I use fabindia aloe vera under eye gel currently, but it is finishing up and am lukin for a new one

  10. That's really nice!!!! I want to try too :-)
    xxxx darlin!!!!

  11. @ Kumkum :

    ok :) love that gel..

  12. @ danischwanke :

    :) :) yup it is ,,


  13. wow is is this effective?????????? i have got dark circles during pregnancy ... will check this out

  14. My eye area looks smoother since i started using Made From Earth's Vitamin C Moisturizer and that makes me happy.! I t is also very soothing, has almost no odor and goes on so effortlessly, it's a real pleasure to use.
    I apply the Made from Earth Moisturizer every day and night but because it is also refreshing, I've slipped it on in the middle of the day just to feel a little luxury. Very, very nice product.

    I can't think of one negative thing about this eye cream.

  15. himalaya eye cream was just brilliant. I got rid of dark circle in 3 days. Just Amazing!!