Know me ♥

A's Angel

 I Dream by the day and then I Dream some more in the night.
♥ Believe in The Secret ; also too good at safeguarding sworn secrets.
♥ Can't read mushy-mushy books,,
♥ Army kid ; no not a brat (Hate the term Army Brat ! You use that word for me and then be ready for a leacture)
♥ In a committed relationship since past 5 years :) *yeyye*
♥ Thinks Nailpaints can change your mood instantly.
♥ Daddy's Doll.
♥ A's Angel.
♥ Mum's BFF
♥ Bro's dumb lil sis
♥ Rest of the family's one n only sweetheart :D
♥ Friend's ...hmmm 

♥ I like readings things which are pleasant to my eyes. Yes ! that is true .
♥ I blog because I want to create any pages that are a treat to the eyes and to the soul (at times) .
♥ Beauty / Cosmetics is a passion (Trust me! This is coming from a girl who once applied a full Nivea jar on to self just cos she loved the fragrance : Age 2 ;) )
♥ I believe Beauty lies in being Knowledgeable and Intelligent. Looks never matter to me !!
♥ I love hitting the gym daily !

♥ Right now a teacher to my Housemaid's 11 year old daughter.
♥ A full time teacher in a school from July;2012
♥ MBA 
♥ 23 and Loving it :)

♥ Taurean to the T .
♥ Watch the series FRIENDS like crazy,, everyday ,, everydayyyy
♥ Have a hobby of finding awesome music of not so popular bands/singers on Youtube.

♥ I love my Kohl.
♥ 5'8" 
♥ Nut Brown eyes 

♥  Living the best Life ever ! ♥