Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something you will like for sure ~ ~ Website Review

Its a good year for beauty enthusiasts in India. With so many websites coming and making our shopping so fun!! Clickety click! Punch in details and wait for maximum 5 days ~ Voila!! You have your goodies delivered at your place. Fun no!!
Its like letting a kid run away with a shopping cart inside a shopping store :D
So, a few days back I came through this website , first thing that caught my attention? well it was the name itself..Purplle.. ;) I <3 Purple the same way some girls like Pink :) Is relatively a new e-commerce website having its base set up in Mumbai.
Its new but it has strong potential. With luxury brands being at its core, its a boon for those who do not have an easy peasy access to such .

For fragrance lovers ~ You gotta visit this website soon, Its celebrating its Scentuality week , Ahmazinnn discounts on all kinds of brands for this week. I am myself eyeing for a goodie ;)

For Beauty lovers ~ Many many things , regular n not so regular brands with nice discounts.

I had placed my order on 23rd , late evening and received it today. Due to a teeny tiny glitch it got delayed for a day else It would have reached me in 3 days flat!! well now also it has reached me in 5 days :) so good job I must say.

I ordered Revlon eyeshadow palete ~ Rich Temptation ~ INR 695.

I love their Idea of celebrating a different thing each week ~ Like It was men's grooming stuff last week and Scentuality this week,,, let us see whats in surprise for us in the coming weeks.

I would love if they introduce more Makeup related brands in the coming time :) It would be like a cherry on the cake then.

My Recommendation : Yes please !! Especially do check it out before this week ends, awesome discounts on  Scents going on.

Website link :
Will be reviewing the palette in detail soon, else it is superb!! Just the way I like my makeup to be ;)



I was given a discount coupon to shop for review purpose :) My opinions still remains intact.

I love their customer care service :) Very professional yet super friendly, specially mentioned for Ridhi Sharma :) 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I made something on my own :) Part - 2

looks like magenta pink but it is a deep red :)

Stitching bug has bitten me hard this season,,all I could think of right now is what to stitch and where to get the material from.

I had a rough time stitching yesterday, neither did I get the supplies I wanted nor the lining material,, even the stitching needle broke into three pieces while I was working on the machine.
At first I thought I will not post about it cos its incomplete, but then I thought so what if the magnetic button is not  there, so what If you open it and it reminds you of elf's n Christmas,, I still find it very pretty :) :)

Material I used is Red Velvet, Green lining fabric and White Buckram (White cloth used to stiffen clothes).

The one who is carrying this purse at the moment , well she is my sweetheart :)
Everyone please meet Cotton :)

I made something on my own part 1 over here :)



Friday, March 23, 2012

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream ~ Review

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream ~ Review 

First and foremost , I am a huge fan of THIS . :)

After months and months of experimenting with useless creams I found this one and I am glad I did.
When I finished two bottles of it, I thought why not give the other variants from this range a try...
I wanted to buy the serum but It was not available at the shop I went to, nor was the emulsion, the only thing there was Yogurt scrub and this Gel cream from this range.
Honestly speaking I was not sure whether I should use it for my face because my skin is slightly sensitive and the word gel cream didn’t sound good to me, but then I thought okay, I never knew the emulsion was going to work either, but It did so why not give it a try,, the shiny mirror like cap was calling my name, I couldn’t refuse. I had a backup plan that if it backfires on my face, I would use it as a body cream.

About the product:

Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents A revolutionary formula that blends the benefits of a gel and a crème It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin
With SPF 25 and PA+++

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream ~ Review 


Its a technologically advanced formulation that provides triple action on skin ~ Lightening, Brightening and Whitening with the help of rare fruit and proven plant extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to provide enduring action. The result, your skin looks fairer, flawless and radiant.

It’s free from harsh chemicals that generally have side effects.

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream ~ Review 

Why Gel Cream ?

It is a revolutionary fairness solution that incorporates the advantages of a gel and a cream .
~ Spreads easily on your skin ~ <3 True
~ Advanced formula allows for better delivery of active ingredients.
~ Good for all skin types including oily and combination skin .

My experience with it ~

I like it but then I don’t love it. There see I am not loving it, so it has some minor glitches which did not make it comparable with the emulsion 
One thing that I like the most in it is the feeling of a rich moisturizer on your face without you looking like a shining ball or something. It did not cause any break outs on my skin. Another thing that I really liked is that It completely works to soothe out the dry patches on my skin.
It is basically a semi-thick gel cream with beautiful fragrance.  It did not brighten up my skin like the emulsion cream did but then neither did it cause any break out. It is totally apt for those days when I find any dry patch on my skin. Blends out super easily on to my skin.

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream ~ Review 

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cream ~ Review Add caption

The things good ~

~ Semi-thick gel based cream that did not break out my oily-combination skin
~ Lovely fragrance
 ~ Apt for soothing dry skin
~ Does not clog my skin pores
~ Moisturizes the skin very well
~ Soothes the skin and makes it super soft <3

The things Bad ~

~ The container ~ A tub ~ heavy too
~ Flakes out when laired,, rub it and see,,(dnt do it just before leaving your house, cos then u will have to apply everything on your face again ;) )

This one was just for trial, I will repurchase it in winters for sure, when my face needs nice amount of moisturization. I will purchase the emulsion again and the serum ,,just for the sake of trying it.

Comparing the emulsion and the gel cream I would say that :

For people with oily/combi skin ~ Go for the Emulsion in summers and emulsion + gel cream in winters
For people with dry skin ~ Go for emulsion + gel cream in summers and Only Gel cream in winters.
For rest ~ Mix and match depending on how your skin is behaving.

Recommendation : Yes please, any which way you will love it. Beware of flakiness though.

Price : 295 INR

Review on Lotus Herbal White Glow Micro-Emulsion Here



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A long due post ~ Earrings

I am a fan of earrings :) any shape, any style,,always welcomed :)

Now this is a long due post, Deepika from Divassence has reminded me to post my earrings collection so many times and I always made some excuse , today It felt very bad that I have been refusing to do this post requested by such a sweet girl ; so here it is,, :)

These earrings have been bought over a long time span and there is little story attached with each one of them.

a few pieces missing,,, Its sad seeing some sitting all alone :\

These are my daily wear earrings, I am a huge fan  of silver earrings, apart from two shown here, all others are not with me at the moment, same goes for the dressier ones.

This is how I store my earrings :) Stackable boxes, one contains my daily wear earrings, two others carry my dressier ones :)
I always make sure that there is tissue paper laid on the base of each drawer, prevents scratching. Also it  makes the earrings move less within the drawer while opening/closing them. I had posted this pic on twitter a month back.

I cherish them all :)

Deepika, m sorry for delaying it :)



I made something on my own :)

Stitching is something that always attracts me, there is some magic in stitching,,it can convert even a unattractive looking fabric look very pretty,,provided you input your own creativity in it.

I learned some basic stitching techniques from my maa last year, made some stuff on my own and then got bored of doing it again and again :p
Then suddenly few days back I wanted to create something and then found this satin fabric left from some craft work and I thought why not make something out of it.

The result is this cute looking pouch , it has plaits on both the sides but the front has more plaits than the back. I didn't have a matching zip for it, but still went ahead and used a white one and stitched it in a manner that it is kind of hidden beneath the fabric.

I had some ideas to use some pearls on the front but then I left it as it is. Have used a pink+purple flower print lining inside the pouch.
I purposely didn't make any handles because I am not going to use it regularly. I have thought that I will keep some of my delicate jewellery in it.

So, does any one of you like it :)



Saturday, March 17, 2012

Awesome Giveaway from Chamber Of Beauty ~ Enter now !!

Awesome Giveaway by Rakhshanda of Chamber of Beauty
Enter the contest and you can win some amazing stuff from the famous brand Rouge Bunny Rouge.

The link to enter this contest ~ ~ COB Giveaway

I have entered,,, what about you!!!
Its International :)

Thanks Rakhshanda :)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Summer Trends 2012 ~

Spring Summer Trends 2012

Summers are almost here and this time It has arrived with a splash of colours Big time.
Summers screams colours as well as comfort, so be it fashion or makeup or hairstyles, keeping it minimalistic, colourful, yet simple is the sure shot way to enjoy even in the summer heat.

This blog post in a joint collaboration by VivaciousFlair and CookDoKoo

Namita from ~  is covering the Makeup and Hairstyle trends spring-summer 2012 


Kannu from ~ is covering the Fashion trends this spring-summer 2012

Lets talk Fashion ,,
In Kannu's words :)

Spring Summer Trends 2012
1- Floral prints

 Floral prints are very prominent this season. However one can adapt them as per the body type , for instance if you are on heavier side then you can opt for small/medium prints & skinny girls can flaunt big floral print

2- Longer length

The biggest trend this summer is longer length that includes longer length skirts and long maxi dresses. Make it large this season pull out your long outfits!

3- Color blocking-

 One of the most now trend this season is color blocking.Play with bold colors to create unique looks.

4-Rompers- Rompers still continue to be a hit this season. Not only are they comfortable but also look very stylish and chic !

5-Orange- Orange/Tangerine is the colour of the season, so indulge yourself with the trendy colour this season!


Leggings are still hot this season. You can opt for solids , printed or textured ones. Woman of all ages follow this trend.

7-Choker Necklace-This is a trend that we haven’t seen emerging in recent times but this season this is hot ! Team it with a simple look and look glamorous

8-Peter Pan Collar- One of the emerging trend this season is Peter Pan collar, they look cute and feminine.

9- Cuff bracelet-T hese pieces make for a great base with which to pair colorful exotic-inspired jewelry. From chunky cuffs to natural cut stones, there's something for everyone .

10- Crochet/lace detailing -Lace is a big trend for this spring and summer. Once only reserved for wedding dresses or formal wear, lace is showing up everywhere. Designers are adding lace to not only sporty shoes and handbags, but to everyday wear such as blouses, skirts, and dresses.

Now come my turn to show what trends are going to be all over the Makeup , Beauty & Hairstyle world for the spring-summer 2012.

 Makeup and Hairstyles that are going to be a trend this year as well as practical are :

1. Go for minimalistic yet colourful eye makeup

Using three different shades and blending them to create one is good for autumn and winters, where they are not going to melt down your eyes and create a mess. For summers and spring go for a single eye colour and blend well. It looks cute, save time plus you don’t have to worry for different shades creating a mess of their own.

2. Orange-sun kissed look is back

Take out all of your peachy orange blushes and make your cheeks look oh-so-pretty. Pinks and shimmers are more of night time .
Don’t go for heavily bronzed cheeks, a light swipe is all you need to have a health glow or if you want a light fake tan.

3. Go for light makeup base 

Heavily caked face or a full coverage foundation are not your best friends in summer, they will melt down and make your skin look bad. Also due to heat your facial skin perspires more, so a heavy layer of foundation will block the pores and you may have to face some ugly pimples on your pretty face.
A light makeup base, used with a foundation sponge is good for you when you want to look slightly dressed up. Although my suggestion will be to go for Tinted Moisturisers.
Tip for summers: Mix one drop of light coverage foundation with a thin liquidy face moisturizer and dab it on your face and blend with your fingers. Gives little coverage and lets your skin breathe.

4. Corals/Baby pinks/Muted Browns to rule the lips

Skip lip glosses, this is one thing that irritates the most in summer heat; Go for lip tints and clear lip balms.

5. Chuck Black ~ Go for Browns, purple, green, blue and yellow!!

Black eyeliner that too heavily applied does not scream summer at all.
All you need is colourful liners, looks super good and cheery 
Let’s come to hairstyles now.

Summer is all for bouncy wavy soft curly hair this year

1. Stay away from your styling equipments

Keep them aside for special occasions, rest of the time enjoy the natural style of your hair, a bit wavy, light curls are super in this season. Just remember to accentuate your hair with cute pins and bands.

2. Say hello to new type of side braids

Side braids ruled the entire last year and yes it is going to reign this year also, but with slight variations.
Instead of side braids, side braided buns are going to be popular. Honestly speaking nothing is more cuter than a side braided bun with a cute lil flower clip on it ,, 

3. Wavy waterfall hairstyle has come back again

Confused on how to do it,, well it is simply clipping small section of your hair near the crown of your head after braiding it normally and leaving the rest of your hair as it is,,it suits more on layered and naturally wavy hair than straight hair.
For girls with poker straight hair, make an unruly high bun, from the tail of your comb pull out some strands of hair from it to give a casual look.

4. Say hello to centre partings

This is one trend that has made its comeback after so many years.
Centre partings or your hair’s natural way of parting is going to be a trend this season.
Basically it is to give a casual / effortless look. Poufs are to be ditched big time.

5. Accessorize

The simpler the better. Choose according to your hair style as well as your dressing style.

So, this was all about what 2012 spring-summer trends in the world of Fashion, Makeup and Hairstyles are going to be.

Did you see something common in here,,,
It’s the vibrant colours,, well..what is Summer without any colour ;)

Thanks allot

Namita from
Kannu from