Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NYC Berry Rich Lipstick ~ Swatch and Review

NYC Berry Rich Lipstick ~ Swatch and Review

Its one of those little beauties that are often ignored since bigger (costlier) names have bigger market hold in the cosmetic industry.
I am new to NYC ~ New York Cosmetics and given the price of this lipstick + its quality I am impressed. Sadly it's not available in India at the moment.
This came to me through my mum , she knows what suits me  but the thing is that I wear neutral shades more, so it will be used either to match an outfit or as a lip tint at times.

NYC Berry Rich Lipstick ~ Swatch and Review

As per NYC :

  • Re-apply? Who has the time?! NYC New York Color Ultra Last LipWear is wearable, ultra lasting and stays on up to 6 hours.
  •  Perfect for your morning meetings and all-night parties. 
  • The rich, silky formula is so creamy and comfortable. 
  • It's super-affordable too. 
  • Great for girls on the go

Job :

  • It's a lipstick duhh!!
  • I will use it as a lip tint though.

Texture :

  • Creamy but not too much.
  • A bit sheer.
  • Glides on smoothly

Shade :

  • Beautiful Berry color.
  • Nothing more, nothing less than a true berry shade.
  • No shimmer.
  • Frost free finish.
  • Didn't make my teeth look yellow.

Will suit :

  • All skin tones.
  • Those with pigmented lips can easily use it's one swipe as a natural looking lip tint.

Packaging :

  • It looses its charm in its packaging. But you can't expect more from a $1.99 product can you?
  • The cap is transparent plastic, can break soon if mishandled.
  • The bullet doesn't swirl down completely inside the bottom casing, half of it remains out from the black casing which always always sticks on the inside of the transparent cap while closing.
  • Lipstick Bullet looks fragile.

Plus points :

  • Great shade, will suit all skin tones.
  • Good quality even at such low price.
  • Sheer yet build-able.
  • Comes in 20 colors.
  • Good for experimenting with different shades as it won't pinch your pocket much.

Minus points :

  • Packaging
  • That's it. :)
  • Not available in India.

NYC Berry Rich Lipstick ~ Swatch and Review

NYC Berry Rich Lipstick ~ Swatch and Review

All in all it's a beautiful berry mauve shade and I know so many of you would love it. It will definitely suits all skin tones. Those with pigmented lips can use it easily, saying this with personal experience :)

A close dupe of this shade is ~ ~ Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick number 152 . For people in India, if you don't get your hands on this shade by NYC then you can buy the lakme one. 

You can see all the 20 shades from this range of NYC on their website ~ ~ NYC Ultra Last Lipwear

NYC Berry Rich Lipstick ~ Swatch and Review

Recommendation : Yes please :)




  1. I too once got one of these, was a gift from a friend, loved it, why don't we have such products here ???

    1. same thought kumkum,,good stuff always get here late with steep prices. :\

  2. gorgeous shade,at review honey

  3. Nice review Namita... and the shade is superb ,,
    my kind of shade..:) :)

  4. Yeahh..same here..loved d shade..
    sad dt its nt here..
    nice review..:)

  5. Such a pretty shade Namita..we needed a lip swatch as well :)great review n thanks for a dupe as well

  6. nice post.

  7. That's a very soft and pretty shade. would look really elegant on most makeup looks. nice post and great dupe :)

  8. I got a NYC lipstick and just passed it on to my friend. She keeps telling me that it is one of the gorgeous shade she has ever worn and I should have never given it to her :P

  9. Nice review. The best part is that it is long lasting and the color matches all outfits. No second thoughts required. A must have in the collection !!!


  10. pretty shade...:)


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  12. That's a very soft and pretty shade, I got this lipstick that it is one of the best shade I have ever worn. Its Looks more pretty when I wear Anarkali Suit on special occasion.