Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something you will like for sure ~ ~ Website Review

Its a good year for beauty enthusiasts in India. With so many websites coming and making our shopping so fun!! Clickety click! Punch in details and wait for maximum 5 days ~ Voila!! You have your goodies delivered at your place. Fun no!!
Its like letting a kid run away with a shopping cart inside a shopping store :D
So, a few days back I came through this website , first thing that caught my attention? well it was the name itself..Purplle.. ;) I <3 Purple the same way some girls like Pink :) Is relatively a new e-commerce website having its base set up in Mumbai.
Its new but it has strong potential. With luxury brands being at its core, its a boon for those who do not have an easy peasy access to such .

For fragrance lovers ~ You gotta visit this website soon, Its celebrating its Scentuality week , Ahmazinnn discounts on all kinds of brands for this week. I am myself eyeing for a goodie ;)

For Beauty lovers ~ Many many things , regular n not so regular brands with nice discounts.

I had placed my order on 23rd , late evening and received it today. Due to a teeny tiny glitch it got delayed for a day else It would have reached me in 3 days flat!! well now also it has reached me in 5 days :) so good job I must say.

I ordered Revlon eyeshadow palete ~ Rich Temptation ~ INR 695.

I love their Idea of celebrating a different thing each week ~ Like It was men's grooming stuff last week and Scentuality this week,,, let us see whats in surprise for us in the coming weeks.

I would love if they introduce more Makeup related brands in the coming time :) It would be like a cherry on the cake then.

My Recommendation : Yes please !! Especially do check it out before this week ends, awesome discounts on  Scents going on.

Website link :
Will be reviewing the palette in detail soon, else it is superb!! Just the way I like my makeup to be ;)



I was given a discount coupon to shop for review purpose :) My opinions still remains intact.

I love their customer care service :) Very professional yet super friendly, specially mentioned for Ridhi Sharma :) 


  1. love the pallette...colors are pretty..

  2. love the pallete, would definitely check

  3. These shopping sites are really boon! great deals and you won;t have to go out hunting when you are hard pressed on time! Thanks for bringing the site to notice.
    The palette is so lovely. What I'm loving more is the beautiful leafy pattern on the shades!!

    1. Absolutely true Niv. But sad part is that the pattern goes all kaput with just one time use of it with any brush .

      I love the deep purple in it :)

  4. like your blog dearrrrrrrr!
    keep posting and go for it!!!!


  5. Nice colours!

  6. ooohhh that's a pretty pretty palette. The etching on it reminds me of knitted coziness of a sweater. Great pick.

    1. yup :) the ones that our mum's knit for us :)
      Thanks :)

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