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Vedic Line BB Cream ~ Review and Swatch

Vedic Line BB Cream ~ Review and Swatch

I recently got this package from vedic line and I was so so excited to try it out. Reason? well since the time I was a lil chirpy girl I was hugely attracted towards things/brands that have some association with being natural.

This is the Blemish Balm cream from Vedic Line.

As per the Brand :
  • Blemish Balm Cream.
  • SPF 20
  • Evenly covers Blemishes, wrinkles and spots, Blocks UV rays.
  • Paraben Free.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Serves as a foundation or primer for application of makeup.
  • Does not come off easily from sweat or sebum.
  • Suits all skin types
  • 100% derived from the vegetable mineral kingdom
  • Not tested on Animals 
  • 100% Veg
Vedic Line BB Cream ~ Review and Swatch


Nice. Practical yet nice, screw open lid withe a nozzle inside.


Vedic Line BB Cream ~ Review and Swatch

How to use it 

 Use it daily, directly or after absorption of Moisturizer, Serum or Essence. For imperfect areas apply extra layer of BB cream.

My take on it 

 After trying it for around 2 weeks m writing this review. 
I take it as a light weight foundation with added benefits.  It is kind of a dupe for this, the latter one being discontinued I can say that those who miss that should buy Vedic Line BB Cream.
Consistency ~ Normal on the verge of being thin, easy blending with finger tips.

How I use it 

 I use this or Lacto Calamine to moisturize my face and then use this BB cream ; few dots all over the face and then blending them with my fingers.
Since this is the season of scorching heat you might need to set it up with powder so that it doesn't melt down. The melt down part is actually quite low , they have stated this on the tube itself.

How it looks on me 

 well pretty nice :) My skin is clear these days *touchwood* so I don't need any concealing (doesn't include under eye circles :\ all thanks to late night reading) , this BB cream looks natural on my skin, since it looks all natural on skin hence the "one shade fits all" rule applies here pretty well.

Vedic Line BB Cream ~ Review and Swatch

I have dry cheeks at times so almost every other  foundation looks patchy on my skin (barring few good ones), but this did not. In fact it gives a nice glow to my face which I♥.

Does it conceal ? 

 It conceals pretty well, the redness around the nose and cheeks gets all covered, same goes for acne scarring. I can't say how it works for active acne concealing because thankfully I have none.

Vedic Line BB Cream ~ Review and Swatch
Some more details 

~ It is totally comparable to This and better than the Maybelline BB Cream(review coming soon) in all aspects.
~ No breakout or rash or redness or white bumps after using this so ♥ ♥ ♥ it.
~100% veg and not tested on animals , do you need anything else to feel good using it.

Price ~ 250 INR
Quantity ~ 30 ml
Availability ~ Here

Recommendation ~ Yes please !! Not to be missed at all.



Review of Vedic Line Scrub coming up tomorrow :)

pr sent sample :) my review honest as always. 


  1. Vedic Line's BB cream seems pretty legit. :D I'll be trying it out. It actually seems to have ingredients that a true BB cream has, unlike Maybelline's (which I love) and Garnier's which are basically TMs pretending to be BBs. :D Great review Namita, can't wait to try.

    1. Yes do try it out Nisha :) I am pretty sure you will love it :)

  2. This one looks like a BB cream. Good to know that it's fared way over the Maybelline one.Vedic Line- so many interesting reviews on this now. Nice post, Nams :)

    1. Thanks allot my dear :) Yes way better than the Maybelline one.. If you love using TM then do try it out :)

  3. nice review Namita!! would love to try this out!!.. :)

  4. Nice review seems good product..:)

  5. Hey, I;ve got that one too and haven;t tried it out yet. But what I don;t understand is that how it is different from regular TMs

  6. nice review namita, I am also using this these days, and love its effect :)

  7. Hi Namita, you have an award, check here (

  8. Another positive review . . yay yay . . cant wait to lay hands on it :)

  9. Hi...I am using this & just love this product.

  10. It looks so good, great review!!

  11. Omg! We were totally searching a BB Cream better than the Maybelline one! Thanks for the review!
    Love your blog, following you now :)

  12. its just makes me glow..its better than body shop bb cream.

  13. i wana have glowing skin.which pack or cream u guys suggest.i have comination skn.mstly dry i guess at times.

  14. its just makes me glow..its better than body shop bb cream.

  15. i'll try it out only because its not tested on animals and its Paraben Free.

  16. i'll try it out only because its not tested on animals and its Paraben Free.