Friday, July 20, 2012

Globus End Of Season Sale ~ MUST check out !

Can anything be more fun than shopping in summers ! Okay I am not talking about shopping in bylanes of a market in scorching heat..neither am I talking about shopping in malls ( for this also you have to dress up and move out in the heat) I am talking about enjoying the End Of Season Sale Sitting on your couch inside your room. 
Okay End of season sale is not a new concept But!! end of season sale over the Online store definitely is :)

One such sale that I have come across and have Actually found few good options is from the Brand Globus.
Now Globus is a fashion store and needless to say it is quite famous with youngsters because of having ~ In trend and reasonable priced clothing ~ I love their collection of kurtas honestly speaking. Fun and bright.

For someone like me who is stuck in 45 days long exam period ~ Online sales are God send (If only God gave me some discount coupons too!! nevermind.. :\ )

Okay back to topic ~

Since I am a regular at Globus , I really have a lot to say about it. Last month I shopped quite a few things from Globus when I was in Mumbai. I am a kind of person who loves stores which looks welcoming and attractive and Globus really fits the bill here. It retails for every age group, is quite affordable and can be your one stop shop for a wardrobe makeover. 

Globus is giving customers opportunity to shop in the end of season sale through their e-store.
I have gone through the sale items and following are my picks from the lot. 

For full range of products/brands you must visit the Store :)

I was actually asked to come and review the store in person but because of some prior commitments I could not do visit it else I would have posted the real deal over here. Globus Stores e-shop

So, do click on the link and have a look at the amazing stuff there
If you have planned a shopping trip for the weekend then do visit the Globus stores in person :)

You can have a look at the locations over Here

Have a great day everyone :)



  1. wow nice stuff namita, did you get something, do share your haul :)

    1. Thanks :) no nth yet.. Bt i did bought some last month :) do check out the sale kumkum .. I knw ur on a shopping spree these days.. :)

  2. dis is such a nice collction..
    nt aware bt dis deal of globus..

  3. i didnt know thy had online store... i was living under a rock.. its one of my favorite brands.. thanks...

  4. omg! i need to hug you for this, thank you for the site address ...yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

    1. Oh you love it so much ?? Great!!