Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter ~ Review

My folks love this and so do I ,,
You too lub it and you can't deny ,,
 (oohhh !! It rhymed ;) super impressed with my skills hahahahahahhaaaa :p )
The Body Shop ~ Spice Vanilla  Body Butter is the best thing to soften up dry skin. The Body Shop body butters are famous worldwide as we all know pretty well. Spiced Vanilla was launched around Christmas last year and has been a favorite of TBS lovers since then.
If you suffer from dry patches on your body and nothing seems to ward off the dryness then definitely try this product. I have been using this for past two weeks and am pretty amazed with the cream.

I thankfully do not suffer from dry or irritated skin, my skin is pretty normal but still I love experimenting with new creams and lotions every now and then. I read about this spiced vanilla body butter and the word spice & vanilla made me buy it. I love spices and always make sure to use fresh ones in my kitchen so it was a pretty easy decision to be made when choosing among different variants.
Plus I feel so good wearing this, not only it smells good but also makes my skin baby soft.
And I get complimented too ;)

Notes about it in my opinion.

Job :

  • Pouring life into dry skin.
  • Making skin baby soft and retain its moisture :) .
  • Keeps skin soft for good 5-6 hrs.
  • Make rough skin patches buttery smooth.

Plus points :

  • Super dry skin. If you want to get rid of dry patches without using thick lotions then this is definitely for you.
  • Rough patches . Like your knuckles, writs, elbows, knees etc.
  • Can be used as a body butter/cream for both summers and winters.
  • Suitable for Humid climate as well. 

Minus points :

  • Not for super oily skin.
  • Tub packaging . Why TBS ? WHY ?

Consistency :

  • Buttery smooth texture. One touch and you would fall in love with it.
  • Looks thick but isn't in reality.
  • Blends effortlessly into your skin
  • Just like a skin drink to quench its thirst.
  • Doesn't leave any white cast on blending.
  • You need extremely little amount while applying. So, even the small size tub would take me months to complete.

Fragrance :

  • Spiced Vanilla . It smells of Cinnamon Buns. Anyone would love it.
  • Okay for sensitive nose.
  • Fragrance lingers for 1 hour.

Usage :

  • Use it as you use your normal body cream.
  • Focus on areas which are dry and ripped of moisture.
  • Start with a little amount and then  take another little scoop for that extra touch of moisture.
  • Little goes long way.

Packaging :

  • Not impressed with packaging, Tub packaging is unhygienic. There is no inner lid for this product's packaging.
  • Tub is sturdy and the lid closes well.
  • Travel friendly upto a limit.

Would personally suggest for :

  • Those suffering from extremely dry skin.
  • Those who keep on washing their hands every now and then because of their field of work.
  • Those who have rough patches on few areas on their body.
  • Those who want a awesomely good smelling cream.

Hope none of you had any Monday morning Blue :D

Take care


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  1. I like the old look better but these colours are pretty. :) I've tried the Spiced Vanilla lip balm and I LOVE it! It reminds me of carrot cake. I feel like eating it! LOL! Don't think I'll try this though, I have oily skin. :( But I wish I could!

    1. Thanks Nisha :) you can try this in autumn winters.
      Yeah even I feel like eating it :D

  2. oooh!! oooh!! your blog looks all new and shiny!! very interesting look. it looks more sophisticated. I like it. Also love the rhyme at the start. or should I say, I am lubbing it ;) This looks like a really cool product. want to try. love tbs!!! love love lub

    1. Hehe thanks girl :) yeah I am lubbing it too lol
      yeas do try it out once for sure :)

  3. these are always in sale in tbs. I should have picked this body butter and the shower gel whn I went there to buy the strawberry shower gel!! haha. I love the vanilla scent. Great review ^_^.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

    1. Isnt the strawberry shower gel too sweet to use Bharti ? I knw its strawberry but still.. :)
      You will love it :) Buy this one on ur next visit :)

  4. I soo love this body butter, got this on valentines day :). Nice review :)

    1. I know you too have this :)
      Thanks kumkum :)

  5. i love this one..i first got them shower gel in 2010 Christmas when it was first launched in india. but year i got both the shower gel and body butter - love love love the smell!

    1. this new thing is taking too much time to load dear :(

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    3. Is it ? I am soooo confused with which template to use, loving one so much but its meant for wordpress. You know any good free template website? I am tired of doing all these changes :/

      was it launched in 2010 christmas? I thought it got launched last Christmas only :D
      Thankss :) :)

  6. Hey pretty girl with a pretty name. Missed reading your blog as I was stuck on a hill station with no wi fi.
    Great review. It actually does smell like cinnamon buns yum! Me lub it too. Had a tiny lil pot which came in a gift set .

    1. :D you made me smile Bubbles on a day when I am feeling so damn low. :) Thanks.
      I hope you had a wonderful time there, :)
      ya I use it and then get cravings for cinnamon buns each n every time!!

      Please start blogging soon,,so many ppl including Buttercup lub your blog :)

      Take care :)

  7. I am having love and hate kinda relationship with the body shop..sigh..
    still i use their body butters..divinely works fr me..
    going to try ds one very soon..
    Thanks fr d review..:) :)

  8. Nice template..but I liked the lacey one better..that one was all "YOU"

  9. I have the older version of this spiced vanilla and I LOOOVEE it. I heard they changed the scent a bit though :s I do still want to smell the new version, hopefully it's still good because this is one of my all time favorite body butters!