Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Body Shop ~ Moringa Body Lotion

I just love TBS,,some say that they are a bit overpriced but I overlook that statement because ,,,,,,,,,,

The Body Shop ~ Moringa Body Lotion

a) I love the quality
b) First Brand that has hooked me so bad that I keep coming back for stuff every now and then
c) very friendly S.A's 
d) The products have always surprised me, they are too good.

Ok, now I was contemplating what product I should review from TBS the very first time on my blog,,I wanted to go for the perfumes, massage oil, body butters and stuff,,but then I thought back one moment and realised there is one product from TBS which my mum adores~ she's the kind of lady who doesn't have much interest in makeup and cosmetics and is happy with what Nivea, vaseline and Olay does for her but when I bought Moringa Body Lotion for her,,she loved it and always tell me to buy backups of it everytime I visit TBS. So, that is why this one has come first :)

The Body Shop ~ Moringa Body Lotion

The Body Shop ~ Moringa Body Lotion

So, this is what she likes about The Moringa Body Lotion

a) The fragrance ~ Moringa flowers infused into a bottle,,heavenly !!

b) The texture ~ Not runny-not sticky~ light weight ~ perfect as per her review :)

c) The benefits ~ Smooth skin for long + she claims it has reduced sun tanning from her arms for sure :)

d) The packaging ~ Sturdy plastic transparent bottle with a spray on nozzle = convenience

e)  The result ~ Happy mum = happy daughter

The Body Shop ~ Moringa Body Lotion
Spray Nozzle

What the product description states ~ Light weight moisturisation by moringa based oil. For Normal to dry skin

Price : INR 495

Quantity : 250 ml or 8.4 US FL OZ

Shelf life : 3 years

Availability ~ All The Body Shop stores


Mum and me :D 


  1. nice review.............. :)

  2. I love this one. It smells amazing. I like to layer TBS shower gels lotion/body butters and body mists. That is how much I like how every thing smells there. :P
    I am using cocoa butter these days.

  3. @ Anamika

    :) do try it out,,its really nice

  4. @ Nirah
    yes it does :) ,, very true Nirah all TBS products smell heavenly :D ,,i love going to their stores.

  5. A nice product.. I have tried the body butter but I didn't like the fragrance :(

  6. @ Aarthi : ohh you didnt like it,,