Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colorbar Star Shine Lipgloss~ Pink Kiss

I was never a lip-gloss person,, I always turned towards lipsticks rather than lip-glosses but today,,officially,,my delusion has broken,,after cleaning and organizing my box of lip-shades I oficially declare that I own far too many lip-glosses than lipsticks,,blasphemy!!!! I, therefore lied. Period.

enough of drama, here goes my review...

Colorbar Star Shine lip-gloss ~ Pink Kiss 

Colorbar star shine lipgloss~ pink kiss

Pink kiss is a pink shade,,yeah,,it is a pink shade,,cos its pink kiss,,
but no,,
its pinkish mauve shade,more on the mauve shade though.

Colorbar star shine lipgloss ~ pink kiss

The gloss is definitely non-sticky. It's neither too thick nor runny, 

Color ~
Pink+Mauve (more on mauve shade), on deep pigmented lips it might not look pink but a close to purplish pink. color payoff is good, remain for 4 hours even with slight snacking in between

Colorbar star shine lipgloss~ pink kiss

Price ~ 
Rs. 250

Quantity ~
6 ml

Shelf life ~
2 years

Colorbar star shine lipgloss ~ pink kiss


My take on this gloss :)

Colorbar star shine lipgloss in pink kiss is something that can be carried in your makeup pouch if you are wearing more on neutral colored clothes, its not something that I personally will buy again but yes, it is something that is close to the pink-purple shade I am trying to find,,,

Colorbar star shine lipgloss~ pink kiss

Good for the quantity and quality its serving in Rs.25o , 
Amount of sparkle in the gloss is apt for me (I am more towards less sparkly stuff)

colorbar star shine lipgloss~pink kiss

Colorbar star shine lipgloss~ pink kiss swatch

My recommendation ~

Kindly check it out :), you might love it :)




  1. Namita!! You've sold me out and I'm going to lose my sleep over it!! it's such a lovely shade. recently I am on the watch out for mauves and hot pinks and this one looks so perfect.
    hey! I have the same mirror too. Same pinch!!

  2. its looks so pretty namita..though i dnt prefer shimmer bt tis luks so awesom to resist

  3. @ Niv :D LOL,,he he he
    good na,,you are coming close to your search,,,and yeah,,the cutie mirror,,its so sturdy and beautiful.Its bamboo and damn pretty,,same pinch to u tooo :) :D

  4. @ Sunaa :
    it has shimmer but not something over the top kinds. I too hate shimmer, and still like it so you may also like it as well :)

  5. it looks so nice..... very pocket friendly too.........

  6. @ Ani

    It is,, check it out sometime :)

  7. Looks nice.. Will try it out :)

  8. @ Aarthi...
    do try it,,you will love it for sure :)

  9. thts a gorgeous pink..i have the same colour in maybelline pink ruby..

  10. this looks very nice! non-sticky and long lasting wow! will check it out next time!

    Thanks for following.

    following you too! :)

  11. @ allaboutladies

    yes it is ,,do try this one out :)

  12. @ Viva

    My pleasure,,yes surely check it out sometime,,

    thanks for being my friend :)
    god bless