Sunday, January 08, 2012

Everything that matters 100th post giveaway announcement ~ sweet gesture by Jyoti

So, I am entering another giveaway and it had to be this one , not because of the giveaway prizes but because of the sweetheart behind it,,drum rolls please.....its our very own Jyoti :) whom I lovingly call Jyo :)

She is really sweet, very cute,,,so damn friendly,,an awesome blogger,,has a superbly sweet voice (sings beautifully),, very pretty and umm  what else,,,well a very good friend who actually asked me back about my health :D :D

okay so now her blog ,, everything that matters has completed 100 posts and the lovely girl she is,she is having a giveaway going on at her blog with amazing giveaway prizes. I really love her blog, I read so many blogs on a daily basis and she is the only blogger that really communicates with her blog readers in a super friendly way with her trademark ;) wink smilies :D :D hehe

Everything that matters 100th post giveaway announcement ~ sweet gesture by Jyoti

Keep up the good work Jyo,,I luv coming back at your blog because I really love how detailed and genuine your reviews are, something that I get inspired from. If I remember both of our blogs started almost at the same time and it has been lovely knowing you.

To enter Jyoti's blog everything that matters 100th post giveaway which have awesome Avon products you can enter here everything that matters 100th giveaway post.

All the best everyone..
and thanks Jyo.. :) your sweetness can touch many hearts.. Have not told you before (yep me shy) but I really like you as a friend.. :) .. crossed my heart while saying this..

 Bless you..



  1. aww you are soo sweet!! I hope I can make some lovely friends as sweet as you through this blogging world! :-)

  2. I am going to participate too!!! :))

    All the best to you!

    Surabhi. :)

  3. @ Cherry Lane :

    thanku already are my friend,, :) :)

    even I have started blogging to make some very good friends.. :)


  4. @ Butterfly :

    yeeyyy :):D all the very best to you too Surabhi :) :)