Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vivacious Flair and GlossyBox giveaway ~ ~ ~ :) for Indian Residents only ~~

GlossyBox  is making head turns even before it is launched, now that is what I call as Perfection..
Curious like a cat,,m all game for GlossyBox,,what about u???

If you are a curious cat like me and well want to experience the much awaited Glossy Boxes then read further.

This giveaway is for Indian Residents only.

GlossyBox along with Vivacious Flair is organizing a giveaway in which I will be choosing a winner who will get a gorgeous pink GlossyBox absolutely FREE!!
GlossyBox is a beautifully wrapped box containing a mix of 5 travel - and full-sized products, carefully catered by beauty experts.

The Ahhhmazing Brands associated with GlossyBox

All you have to do is this :

1.  Tell me in the comment section below about the "The Biggest Beauty Secret I have is...."

2. To participate in this contest you have  to follow my Blog and my Twitter profile AND GlossyBox twitter profile too.

 Retweet this : I just entered VivaciousFlair's giveaway to win a pretty GlossyBox . Enter here http://vivaciousflair.blogspot.in/2012/01/vivacious-flair-and-glossybox-giveaway.html

3. Put the first pic in the post in the side bar of your Blog with a link back to my profile~this is for blog owners only.

Simple eh.. :) Simplicity is fun ..simplicity is pretty :)

The winner would by pick by me,,, . No random number generator here,,
so,,Let your Beauty Secrets out..
..start commenting NOW!! you don't want to miss out on this one..
only one entry per person

The contest ends on the 21st February  . 
Comment Now!!

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Enjoy and Good Luck 

If you want to get to know more about the GlossyBox, then check this post of mine here

comment example :

"The Biggest Beauty secret I have is *********************"
I follow through
GFC Name : *******
Twitter Id : *********
I posted your blog pic on my Blog's sidebar here [For Blog Owners ] : ******post your link******* 

This giveaway is for Indian Residents only.




  1. "The Biggest Beauty secret i eat "flax seeds" everyday n it has given me a glgowing complexion..!!"
    I follow through
    GFC Name : kanika
    Twitter Id : kanika
    blog url: http://kanikajusta.blogspot.in/

  2. OMG!! Boy i am like super-duper excited!!! :) Wow!! Namita i am loving your blog and this awesome giveaway that you are hosting! I mean it's not like everyday that you get a GlossyBox as a giveaway present!! Firstly thanks so much sugar for organizing this giveaway! :)

    So here is my entry --
    "The Biggest Beauty secret that i have is --- I keep it simple when it comes to make-up! :) Being minimalistic when it comes to make-up is my secret.. It's keeps me not only fresh and glowing but yeah i do not have to constantly worry about make-up coming off or stuff like that. It does get hard to handle you know! Some Kohl, Mascara, Gloss and a compact is what i need and i am ready to go! :) It keeps your skin protected and simplicity in itself makes my face glow and along with keeping it simple all i do is drink lots and lots of water. This is why i do not have zits on my face that often. Once in a blue moon perhaps. But not all the time.

    GFC Name --- Butterfly... :) [ I already follow you! ]
    Twitter id --- Butterfly2393 [ Sent you a follow request! :) ]
    Blog Url --- http://exclusivegossipgirl.blogspot.in/

    P.S. -- Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)


  3. omg a giveaway by glossy box how exciting. this would be the best gift ever!!!!!

    So here is my entry
    you know how sticky glosses can be a pain, it can smear all over and can mess up the hair so to de-sticky the gloss rub ice all over the gloss applied on the lips and problem solved it helps to dilute the sickiness. works for me do try it out n let me know.

    GFC Name--- makeup chic
    twitter id----makeupchicstar
    blog url-----http://beautyreflection00.blogspot.in/

    all the best to everyone

  4. Hi Namita, a very exciting contest!!! I would definitely love to enter

    "The Biggest Beauty secret I have is that I use beasn + curd (ubtan) 365 days, once a day to keep my skin smooth, soft, and glowing"
    I follow through
    GFC Name : Kumkum Jain
    Twitter Id : kumkumjain
    I posted your blog pic on my Blog's sidebar here [For Blog Owners ] : http://mumma-world.blogspot.in/

    Wishing you (and us) more such fab giveaways and contests in future :)

  5. Hey Namita! i am entering ur giveway to win GlossyBox

    1. The biggest beauty secret i have is that i use milk+glycerin on my face to moisture dry skin

    2. GFC name: beautifulsheforever

    3. Your Giveaway pic on my Blog's siderbar here: http://beautifulsheforever.blogspot.in/

  6. It's a Super Giveaway Namita and Glossy Box India :)

    The Biggest Beauty Secret I have is that I actually believe in staying healthy and beautiful from within than just applying something from outside and That's why I eat Bottle-gourd and Bitter gourd (which are the real beauty products one can have) which flushes out the Toxins from the body and removes Acne's and Pimples from the face,thus making my skin look healthier, clearer and Glowy. :)

    I follow through :
    GFC Name- Shruti
    Twitter Id- Shruti2909
    I posted about this Giveaway here: http://deals-stealsnmore.blogspot.in/

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  8. "The Biggest Beauty secret I have is scrub with raw sugar + honey / oil (almond or apricot)
    I follow through
    GFC Name : Swati
    Twitter Id : skyiseternal
    tweet : https://twitter.com/#!/skyiseternal/status/171611977251160065

  9. "The Biggest Beauty secret I apply all raw veggies/fruits that i eat
    I follow through
    GFC Name : KEJAL
    Twitter Id : NailArtnThings
    tweet : https://twitter.com/#!/NailArtnThings/status/172026465670529026
    I hope I can enter now :p