Friday, January 27, 2012

GLOSSYBOX Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

All girls love glossy shiny boxes,,,, true right,, ?
All girls love trying makeup and cosmetics ,,,,, true right.. ?
All girls love to dance....true right,, ? :D

Its the time to """"Dance""" then,,much like Joey did that ZAzz dance in Friends with the Butterfly move at the end of it,,,ya like that,,,ok not much like that,,but ya dance for sure ;)

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)
The Box is prettttyyyyyy !! :)

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

So, the GLOSSYBOX has finally arrived in INDIA and boy I am so so happy and excited with that :)
It already has its operations in 14 countries and is Damnnn successful there,,so,,now its our turn to enjoy now..

GLOSSYBOX is a monthly subscription Beauty Box in which you receive 5 high end travel and full size beauty and makeup products for a fee of INR 700.
If you like these products you can always buy their full version from their website. Also you do get some Glossy dot points with every monthly GLOSSYBOX you purchase with which you can get discount on the makeup or beauty product that you purchase from their website.

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

All in all a super fun thing to subscribe to.

They have this contest on their Facebook Profile tommorrow where you can win a 3 month subscription for free..
wat are you waiting for,, (Christmas?? ohhh I love using this line on people all the time :P),, join the website, be a member and have fun :)


website & their Blog : GLOSSYBOX BEAUTY

GLOSSYBOX  Beauty in INDIA ~ ~ ~ :) :) :)

All images taken from GLOSSYBOX Beauty's  Facebook Profile .




  1. I've seen a few people posting about the glossybox so im gona write same comment in each lol..being lazy haha

    oh my god!! Thats amazing!! Seriously guys! You have to sign up!! The first GlossyBox in the UK...contained a big Nars Highlighter in amazing is that! I have noticed that the first box is always has the best stuff because it sets the tone for months to come and will use the contents to attract more people.

    This was the first box in the UK:

    1. Thanks for this useful info girlie :) m so looking forward to the glossybox now :) :)

  2. Glossybox!! :) When i get into college this year i am definitely going to buy one! For now -- I will have to wait! But i am glad that it had finally arrived in India! <3


    1. ya true,, :)
      oh clg,,wht's ur stream Surbhi,,

      yes finally it is here,,m looking fwd to it :)

    2. I took a drop for law exam prep.. Exam's in May!! :D

    3. ohh good :) Butterfly wanna be a lawyer :) good good :) my family wanted me to be a lawyer,,well they wanted me to be some many things :) :p

      Good Luck :)

  3. The packaging looks very tempting :)