Friday, January 06, 2012

Avon Natural Strawberry Lip Balm ~ Pictures and Review

Avon Natural Strawberry Lip Balm ~ Pictures and Review

This beautiful weather is making me reach for lipbalms and moisturizers like never before, although I love my Lotus Herbal Cocoa Lip Balm like anything, this lovely beauty needs worth a mention.
I am not much a fan of colored lip balms but yeah well the weather is making me reach for this one as much as for the cocoa one, reason being I am trying to match it up with the color of my cheeks these days ( :D )
Jokes apart , this one is good and works very well for chapped lips.

What I like about this is that its non-waxy, I can bare with a lip balm not doing its work like it should but I can not bear any waxy lip balm,, it irritates me like anything.
Also its not absolutely opaque,,its sheer and thus is good enough for my requirement.

Avon Natural Strawberry Lip Balm ~ Pictures and Review

As far as moisturizing my lips is concerned its doing its job averagely, I don't see it working for overly chapped lips.
The fragrance is fruity and not overpowering, its ok for me.

The packaging is fine, its compact and the cap is sturdy and closes well, hence handbag friendly.

Price ~ I don't know :D will update soon
Quanity ~4 gm

Recommendation : If your lips are dry and not super chapped then yes please, else try cocoa from lotus herbal, its awesome and I swear by it.

If your lips are super chapped then take a small amount of  Ghee/clarified butter (heat it) and use it on your lips, this shall solve your problem :)




  1. Thanks for the comment! This one seems great, but I prefer waxy lip balms. It just seems like they moisturize my lips better. :)

  2. looks really nice! btw I like ur product of the week!my fav is the blue one! :-)

  3. @ lANCY :

    thankyou sweetie :)

  4. @ Siri Sekhar :

    :) :) it looks lovely on the lips,, :)

  5. @ Sandra :

    my pleasure honey,, :)
    thats good if you like it that way too :)

  6. @ Cherry Lane :

    oh I used that one too once,,I have colored hair so I use this one,, :)

  7. I simply love Axon Products! They are affordable and durable and worth buying again and again! :) Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and yeah, following it too!! :) It's because of nice people like you that make my effort pay off. <3
    You have an awesome blog!! You have a regular visitor in me now too!! <3 Waiting for your next post and i hope you visit my blog again when i publish a new post! :)
    Following you now!

    Surabhi. :)

  8. Great post and review dear,I wanna try this thanx for sharing. Have a great day x

  9. @ Butterfly :

    you are as sweet as your name is :)
    Thanks for being my friend hun,, m here just to make friends and I can sense a friend in you for sure..
    thanks again for liking my blog and I will be definitely coming by ur blog to say hie,, :) I love doing that..

    Bless you :)


  10. @ Sharon :

    you too have a great day Sharon :)

    Bless you.. :) <3

  11. i hv this :D n i agree it does an average job :P its my day time wala lip balm. For intense moisturisation my good old Vaselin works much better ;)

  12. i have been using this since last 6-7 yrs n absolutely luv it <3 nice review

    Godbless !! :)

  13. @ jyoti :

    he he day time wala lip balm :p ,, :)
    yup it does a pretty average job

  14. @ upasana :

    woahh! 6-7 really really like this one I guess,,

    Thanks for being my friend honey :)

  15. Yes surely we are friends now!! :) I use VOV Lip Balm which is nice too. :) You can try it out and do a review on that if you like it. :D
    Thank you so much! :)


  16. @Namita- Nice review , I am looking for a lip balm & as per your suggestion will pick the lotus one :)

  17. @Namita- good to see yr pic on the blog , u look cute :) Also good to know you are also a taurian :P

  18. @ Butterfly :

    Thanks sweetheart, will check that out soon.. :)

  19. @ CookDoKoo :

    oh yes cocoa flavored frm Lotus Herbal is in my opinion the best.. :) try it out..

    and thank you :) you too a taurian :) :) good good,, same pinch :D


  20. Wow, it luks really rich and the shade is makin' me go bonkers over it :)

  21. hi Namita, so nice to see you :) you look so sweet. Happy NEW year :) May this year be full of health, prosperity and sunshine. And I agree, i love using ghee for lips.

  22. Hey, I absolutely love this. But I disagree. it works wonder on even super dry lips if worn over night with in a thick layer. It removed every bit of dead skin that way!! I have been using this for the last couple of years!!

  23. @ Shruti :

    :) so I guess you like tinted lip balms,, but shruti don't go for it if your lips are facing good amount of dryness these days,, :) hope I helped..

  24. @ Coral Crue :

    Thanks allot honey,, :) you too have a super blessed year ahead..
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :) :)

    My Biji (grandma) used to take ghee, heat it while making rotis and then call out for me so that I could apply it on my chapped lips as a kiddie :) :)
    Bless you..

  25. @ Nivedita :

    :) Its good na it worked for you.. :) but I sadly could not find it any worthy.. :)

    Thanks Niv :)

  26. Bingo :) till now I am not facing any dryness on my lips. I think the whether in doon is played good uptill now.Btw Thanks for the advice..
    Shruti :)

  27. @ Shruti :

    ohh thats good,
    m chilling at my place ;) weather is freezing cold here :D

    Bless you <3

  28. loooooooo main aa gayiiii:P
    I have used absolutely nothing from Avon...didn't anybody who sold it and don't go and watch players it gave me a headache:(

  29. @ Emm :

    ur a sweetie pie ,, :D
    awww you need a balm :) sip warm water If you can (I can't) to get some relief,,don't sleep late and think about chocoalte mousse cakes ;)

    take care :)

    p.s. I was thinking of watching players :p eh eh eh