Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colorbar Blush ~ Plum Brown

Colorbar is a well known brand in Indian market thanks to the good quality and the  reasonable price.
I am not much of a blush person, can say that i like it on other people's face but not on my own,,,so have always kept bay with blushes,,but on a recent shopping spree i came across this ~ Plum Brown Blush from colorbar.

Colorbar ~ Plum Brown

I checked it out for a bit, kept back on the counter, looked at zillion other products and then came back to it as if it was calling my name :D LOL i knw.,,

~ Whats it about ~

♥ Colorbar Blush in Plum Brown (001) is a matte finish blush
♥ comes with a small brush applicator and a mirror beneath the blush pan
♥ super easy to blend
♥ color is a medium plum-brown mix,,,sounds scary but its so beautiful

~My take~

I personally don't like pink blushes,,and on top of that the shimmering ones,, m all for matte finish.

This blush comes as a surprise for me cos i m loving it, the color is medium to rich plum color with brown accents to it which gives it a lovely twist.
super easy to blend,,,and brownie points to it cos it helps me in contouring my face as well,,so yeyyy :) for it.

Swatch ~ Plum Brown

Quality is good too but not as good as the ones I have used from MAC and Lancome for obvious reasons,,but still i will recommend it to the ones who are starting to use blushes and are afraid of the pink/shimmering ones .


The mirror and the Applicator Brush

~ The things sweet ~

♥  color is fantastic ~ apt for fall
♥  works for me to contour as well
♥  did not cause any skin break-outs
♥ price is good
♥ there's a mirror beneath the blush pan
♥ packaging is fine
♥ blending is super easy
♥ works on my skin for 4 hrs max .

~ The things sour ~

~ The awe full brush applicator ~ 
~ Packaging needs more work
~ staying power is not much, 3-4 hrs max.

Key Ingredients

Quantity ~ 6 gm / POIDS ( ? )
Price ~ Rs. 250 .

Will recommend to the ones who are starting off new, with make-up, for sure :)



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