Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OLAY Complete All Day UV Moisturiser ~ Normal skin

♥ M feeling so happy,,starting my own little blog right now..was contemplating a bit whether to start it or not.
♥ but m liking it,,even before starting it :) ♥ 

Here goes my first review,,,
I have been searching for a good daily moisturizer for long,,,trying many,,,not liking many,,,all lead me to this moisturizer by OLAY,,,

Olay complete all day UV Moisturizer

seriously speaking, i was skeptical of it while buying but m happy that it didn't let me down.

Whats it all about ~ ~ 

♥ Olay complete is a all day UV moisturizer with vitamins E & B3. Its a light and non-greasy formula and protects skin from harmful sun rays by the virtue of its SPF 15 factor.
♥ Its formula with Antioxidants vitamins C & E helps in promoting  and maintaining a healthy-looking skin surface.
♥ It is all recommended as an effective UV sunscreen  by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
♥ It is dermatologically tested.
♥ 100 % oil free :) :)
♥ 100 % PABA free
♥ Non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores)


~ My take ~

♥ yesss ^^ i have finally found a good, easy on pocket that is doing all good for my skin. 
♥ I have slightly sensitive skin with little redness at times,,,but this moisturiser has not let me down.
♥ Its easily absorbs onto my skin, is completely shine free and leaves my skin soft n supple for atleast 4-5 hours.
♥ As far as SPF is concerned,,i cant say much cos i seldomly step out in the day,,m all for evenings ^^ ..
♥ Its non greasy, have been using beneath the foundation without any issue, 
♥ Affordable to the T. 
♥ packaging is sturdy plastic bottle, with a round open cap,,
♥ In the beginning its easy to pour the cream out, but as you use it day by day, it becomes a hassle  to take cream out.


The things sweet ♥ 

♥ Does what says,, nothing less ,,nothing more
♥ enriched with vitamin E & C
♥ Has SPF 15 ,, good for me cos i don't like sun screens much
♥ Moisturize well, 
♥ easily blends into skin, no tugging-pulling required
♥ Smell is like every other olay cream,, can't describe it.
♥ skin feels soft n moisturized, 
♥ Not at all heavy on pocket


The things Sour ~

~ Simply nothing

Quantity ~ 4.0 FL OZ or 118 ml
Price ~ Rs. 450

♥ Go for it :)




  1. Loved the way you have reviewed it :)

  2. Nice review Namita..Liked the way you clicked the pics too..

    Olay classic fluid is a staple in my bag..kind of a go to moisturiser for me.

  3. @ G.G.G

    Thanks my dear :)
    yep the same with me too,,its really nice.