Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maybelline ~ The Colossal Kajal

Kajal is something that people around me associate with, I started wearing kajal when I was in 9th grade,, and from that day I am hooked on to it,,and the saga is going to continue till eternity.
If someone asks me to tell one cosmetic product that I can not live without,,then without thinking even a second I will say Kajal,,

Maybelline ~ The Colossal Kajal
so since it has been like 8 years since I have been wearing kajal you can guess how many trials would I have made with the brands present in Indian Cosmetic market,,,well not many,,cos I didnt find many good brands making it,,,or if they were making it,,then it was smudgy,,messy,,irritating,,runny,,less black,,hard to apply,,easy breaking,,and what not..

come 2011,,and maybelline answered my prayers in a sweet manner and introduced The Colossal Kajal from its Colossal range.

~ What it says ~

The Maybelline Colossal Kajal is Black, Bold + Smudge Resistant for 6+ hours ,,
~ Colossal intensity- our deepest black pigments + unique tip deliver the blackest black shine ever. Color glides on smooth and so intense !
~ Colossal wear- Never before 6H of smudge resistant wear. Our exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won't smudge, budge or fade. No more touch ups.
~ Colossal care- The ultimate in care with a comination of 5 caring ingredients. Formula enriched with vitamin E soothes the eyes.


Mega intensity + Mega wear for colossal striking eyes.

~ My take ~

I adore this kajal like anything, its the best I have used till date,,glides on like a dream,,blackest black color payoff,,,SMUDGE PROOF, BUDGE PROOF, DOESN'T FADE..

just one little swipe and I get jet black lined beautiful eyes, it doesnt irritate my eyes also,, I use it daily,,have packed all my other kajals in my drawers,,and life is a bliss again.
No more racoon eyes,, no more use of hankies, scrarf to clean off the smudgy eyes,,
welcome jet black colored kohled eyes, :)

~ The things sweet ~

♥ Jet black color
♥ Non-smudgy
♥ Over 6 hour plus staying power
♥ affordable like hell 
♥ soft application
♥ does not irritate my eyes

~ The things sour ~

~ Complete pain to remove it off

Yes thats it,,no more issues with it... :)

Net weight ~ 0.35 g
Price ~ Rs. 150

Go and GRAB it if you haven't got it yet,, do it...




  1. i dint lik it much thou my sis adores it
    nice review namita!!!

  2. @ Ani : Thanks for visiting girl :)

  3. @ sunaa :) Thanks for appreciating :) , just started with my blog,,
    u didnt like this kajal,,okk,,which one is ur fav ? :)

  4. I have seen my friend using this.. she loves it too :)

  5. Hi, Namita. good review and I love the pictures in here. gives a very good insight to what the product looks like with the swatches. I have been wanting to pick this one up since a long time.

  6. @ Coralcrue

    Thanks hun for appreciating :)
    Yes you must pick it up next time and I am sure it won't disappoint you..

    take care :)