Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forever New ~ Rose gold necklace and stud earrings

So, on a recent shopping spree I went to see some colthes in Forever New,,,saw some,,liked some,,yukked some,,so left everything back at the racks and went towards the accessories rack,.,,

was bit dissapointed again because firstly the number of accessories were very few,,almost 6 different designs of earings,,4 long chains,,3-4 rings,,,

so while rummaging through all these,,i found one long chain and a pair of earings that caught my fancy.. :) :)

these are super sweet,, the long chain is in rose gold color with 3 different chains attatched altogether at the top with leaf and pear hangings....

check out the pics..

Forver new necklace

and one pair of big stud earings in a copper-golden color,, looks heavy but are super light weight,,,absolutely apt for wearing with your hair tied up,,

Forever new stud earrings 

Go n check out forever new,,,if you haven't,,, who knows maybe you could find something beautiful over there.,,, :) 





  1. nice collection nam.............:)

  2. thank you ani,,how are you doin?
    saw your post on lakme lipsticks,,was about to comment but then forgot,, sowwiee
    do try lakme enrich satin shade ~ bamboo pink,,its awesome,,do give it a try, i am sure you would love it.

    take care ani :)

  3. The chain looks so beautiful. I have a thing for leafy designs Namita. Your have started a very interesting blog dear. I quickly went through almost all the articles

  4. your comment made my day my dear :) .
    thanku so muchhhhhhhh :D

    yeah..the design is quite beautiful,, do take a minute and chk it out in the store,, you will love it nivedita :)

    thanks :) for coming n saying hello :)

  5. This one is in the banner above na..its quiet nice..:)

  6. hello :)

    yes it is,,
    thanks for stopping by bhumika :)