Saturday, October 22, 2011

Faces Cosmetics India ~ Long wear eye pencil ~ Metal Brown and Turquoise Blue

Faces is a Canadian cosmetic brand which has started its operations in Indian in 2011 only.
So, if you are unfamiliar with this brand but want to try something different then do give it a try(other than these liners :\ ). I suppose you can find these in shopping malls in your city quite easily.

Metal Brown and Turquoise Blue
Long wear eye pencil ~ A whole lot of shades are introduced in this range ranging from blacks to brown to purples, pinks, blues, greens,magenta and what not.
I picked up two shades ~ Metal Brown and Turquoise Blue

Metal Brown and Turquoise Blue

~ My take with it ~

Metal Brown is a deep metallic shade of Brown with a little glitter infused into it. Its smooth and creamy and gliding it on eyelids is easy,,but wait for the things sour,,written down below.
I picked it up,,cos I wanted to try a brown liner and didn't knew much about faces either,,

Turquoise Blue is a deep navy+turquoise shade of blue,,same like the brown one,,this one too had a little glitter infused into it.

Faces Long wear eye pencil ~ Metal Brown and Turquoise Blue

~ The things sweet ~

~ color payoff is super
~ creamy texture
~ sturdy packaging
~ removing it is not a hassle
~ remains intact for around 5~6 hrs,,after that it starts getting all dark-black-brown (i knw its funny but true)

Swatch ~ Turquoise Blue (upper one) & Metal Brown (Lower one)

 ~ The things sour ~

~ pencil breaks off while sharpening
~ always messes when trying to apply a thin line on the eyelid
~ more product is used than required cos of the creamy texture
~ no value for money for this one
~ looks chunky when applied hurriedly,, need  to be applied with precision

The messy sharpening issue

Net weight ~ 1.15 gm
Price ~ Rs. 249

Product life ~ 18 mths approx (not so sure)

Recommendation ~ Please skip this one



  1. Oh.. when i saw these i thot they r good.. thank god u saved d money :)

  2. you are welcome Aarthi :),,
    I have found a way to use them now,,,

  3. m just using it roughly and then smudging it out
    and also taking a chunk out of it and using as a eye shadow :) LOL
    he he
    waste of money,,seriously
    only things nice by this brand are the nail paints and lipsticks