Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal~Product review and swatches

I have been experimenting with kajal/kohl allot, now I am not going to suggest someone a kajal which smudges like hell even if it provides glossy black shine :)
This kajal by Lotus Herbal is something that stands on the borderline of being smudgy/non-smudgy
I mean it is perfect for some and not so perfect for others but this one is definitely worthy of trying out atleast once.

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal~Product review and swatches

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal~Product review and swatches

My take on this Kajal

Lotus Herbal is our very own trusted brand and I never think twice while picking up products from their range and the same goes with this Kajal. The word Herbal caught my fancy when it came to experimenting with Kohl.
Ok, this kajal gives my eyes the gloss and shine which my maybelline colossal one can't even try n give :)
There is a sheen in the kajal and the color is intense jet black,,which comes only after 2-3 swipes btw..
else in one swipe it gives a normal black shade which looks more subtle.
It smudges slightly on my eyes and whenever I use it I make it a point to set some loose powder under my eyes so as to control the smudge.
Other than that there is no con with this pretty looking thing

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal~Product review and swatches

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal~Product review and swatches

Also I love the packaging allot,,I love it's packaging more than my maybelline one.
The material is quite sturdy and the red-black combination looks damn good. It swivels up n down the tube without any fuss or without any product clinging to the sides of the tube.

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal~Product review and swatches
EOTD with this kajal here

Recommendation : Yes please try this one, if it smudges and you don't like to set it with loose powder then you can pick up the maybelline colossal kajal without any second thoughts, you can read my review on it here




  1. Hi, even I have this and like it a lot :)

  2. @ Indgal

    m glad it worked for you hun :)
    you love deep kohl eyes ??

  3. thanx for review

    new follower

  4. becasue of my eye structure everything runs down under my eyes. So, can't get this one. Once my Colorbar Iglide is finished, I'm eyeing the Faces one now. Heard much good things about Maybelline as well.
    The shade looks so dark. loving this

  5. @ saharawan :

    Thanks for being my friend my dear :)

  6. @ Nivedita :

    hmm then you must try the maybelline one as it never smudges or run dun my eyes,,not only me but many other bloggers love using it.
    I have not used Faces one yet, but going by other products of this brand it should be good too,

    Yes indeed the shade is very dark n glossy too :)

  7. hy I have maybelline colosal kajal and mare to woh bhi smudge ho jata hai :(

  8. @ CookDoKoo

    is it?? then try setting some loose powder under your eyes,,it will definitely solve this issue,,
    fir smudge nahi hoga :) try karna,, :)

  9. Nice review ! Just got this .. Was using himalaya kajal. Till now .. Liked it a lot !

    New follower :)

  10. @ Shimmerlicious

    Thanks so much for being my friend :)

    enjoy ur new buy sweetie :)
    take care,,

  11. i got it last month perfect matt kajal total smudge prof

  12. Yes, I love lotus color kick kajal, it is the best kajal i had used ever. One can buy lotus color kick kajal on the best price from awesome bazar, an online shopping portal.