Friday, December 09, 2011

Beauty at times is skin deep ~ Charmfactory International giveaway being hold up by Nivedita  is one of the first five beauty blogs that I have been reading for so long and was a sort of an inspiration to write up my own perspective on all things pretty :)
we all know the blog owner ,,don't we,, :) ,,, Its the lovely Nivedita who is extremely sweet n humble and also has her own writing style which is something I like/love to see in bloggers :)

I love this blog because of the reason that it covers up practically everything under the sun ( related to beauty ) and the sharp hits/misses it gives to products rather than the lousy ones which are of no pretty use to anyone.
One more thing,,
I personally think that Niv :) takes a moment out and comment appropriately on other blogs which shows that she did not just land up there and commented whatever came to her mind just for the sake of it, I find her comments very apt and useful :)

So, now as her blog or beauty at times is skin deep has completed its first birthday and she is generous enough to hold up a giveaway in which she will be gifting one lucky girl this pretty silver charmfactory bracelet :)

you can check out the relevant post on her blog here : Niv's giveaway

The bracelet is very pretty and is made up of silver :) You can enter her gieaway and stand yourself a chance to win this very generous gift from her n the sponsor company Charmfactory :)

Good luck everyone :)

Thanks Niv :) , I appreciate your gesture so much :)

Nivedita's blog : beauty at times is skin deep

Her twitter page : Niv's twitter

Her FB page : FB page

Giveaway post : charmfactory giveaway :)



  1. Did you know you just made my day? Thank you for entering. But I am moved by this post. :) Thank you once again!!

  2. pleasure is all mine Niv :) I just wrote what I genuinely feel,,nth artificial here ,,

    m glad I could make you happy :)