Monday, December 26, 2011

Fab India Orange and Cinnamon face and body gel scrub ~ Review and Pictures

Ok , it smells delicious :) I love oranges and the aroma of spices being used in kitchen is one of my favorite fragrances in the whole wide when I saw this face and body gel scrub I was like awww Fab India lubs me so much :D
yeah LOL,,

Fab India Orange and Cinnamon face and body gel scrub ~ Review and Pictures

Whats this product is all about :

Orange and Cinnamon face and body gel scrub. Our body and face gel scrub, especially formulated for daily use is made with natural active ingredients. It gently exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling refresh and invigorated all day long.
Ingredients : Purified water, propylene Glycol, walnut shell powder, carbopol 940, Aloe vera extract, Phenoxyethanol, Lactic Acid, Cinnamon oil, Orange oil and Allantoin.

Fab India Orange and Cinnamon face and body gel scrub ~ Review and Pictures

Directions for use :

Apply a scoop of the scrub to the wet skin and gently massage all over the body in circular motion, focusing on rough skin areas. Rinse and clean thoroughly.

An important note :

Natural ingredients may cloud or separate, this does not effect the quality or efficacy of the product.

Fab India Orange and Cinnamon face and body gel scrub ~ Review and Pictures

My take on this gel scrub :

Living in North India especially in winters ensures that not only you enjoy misty early mornings but also dry skin :) I tend to get my skin dry around the knuckles on my hand, my feet and around my little button like nose  :D , so for all these areas I am reaching out to this gel scrub ,,well not exactly for my face but yes the rest of body for sure. The reason being I am too scared of using/experimenting with scrubs on my face. I only use one and will review that super soon,, its effective and simply too good.
So, this gel scrub smells of orange and spices at the same time,,I use a little scoop of it and massage it on the desired area after wetting it. The gel gets absorbed in my skin quickly and its the cinnamon particles and some  micro orange molecules that is left upon and works as a scrub.
The areas where I use it are definitely getting less n less dry with continue usage and the after effects is nice and smooth skin surface.
After cleaning it off with luke warm water I lather some moisturizer and my skin is all happy and shiny :)

Fab India Orange and Cinnamon face and body gel scrub ~ Review and Pictures

word of caution : I have not used it all over my face yet, just on my nose so I am not sure whether it works good for facial skin or not but yes my feet and hands definitely loves this :)

Net content : 100 ml

Price : 225 INR
Shelf Life : 18 months

Recommendation : yes please, its not my favorite among all but yes definitely 9/10 on being effective.

Scrub which I love for my face coming right after this :)




  1. Combination orange and cinnamon sounds good..I have melon scrub from fabindia,it is so light that i often use it as lipscrub also :p

  2. Seeems yummy :) I love oranges.. Nice review Nami :D

  3. I find this scrub, for my body a bit too fine for my liking but it does make a great face and lip scrub. :) And I really like the smell too!

  4. it loved it because of the smell - too irritating for the face..sort of burn type feeling
    too fine for body but loved the effect of the gel in the scrub - so much that I finished it in 3 usage on my body!

    very nice review


  5. My skin usually rebels at scrubs. So, would skip this :(

  6. @ Siri :

    it smells awesome,, ya this one also is very light :)

  7. @ Nisha :

    I haven't used it on my face cos of fear :D yup its not the perfect scrub around for sure,, will review something nice for face super soon :)

  8. @ CookDoKoo :

    Thanks allot Kannu :) which is your fav scrub ?

  9. @ Ani :

    smells awesome too :)

  10. @ sweetandbitter :

    Thanks a bunch hun,, m glad you told me abt the burning sensation thing on your face,, :)
    Yup even mine is getting finished super soon :)

  11. @ Nivedita :

    oohh then completely skip scrubs :)

  12. Ohh.. I can't bear the suspense :D

  13. @ Aarthi :

    he he not a big surprise Aarthi,,just something I found worth trying out for everyone :)

  14. lovely blog. i enjoyed your vids, and product reviews. great jewelry also. enjoyed browsing your posts, and i am following you on twitter and google. hope we can stay connected. cheers, and happy new year!

  15. @ AdamAlexMommy :

    Thans allot hun... m happy that you liked my blog,,
    Thanks for being my friend too :) :)

    Happy New Year to you n your family :)

    much love <3 :)

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