Monday, December 19, 2011

Lotus Herbal White Glow ~ Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion ~ Product Review and Pictures

I am head over heels on this lil smarty here ;)
I have been using it for the past 1.5 months and am sure I am never going to use something else over this one as a face moisturizer. I dun know why but my hunt for perfect stuff never stops,,be it anything,,,But BUT I am proud to say that with allot of stupid trials n hell loads of errors I have found the perfect one!! Perfect!!!

Lotus Herbal White Glow ~ Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion ~ Product Review and Pictures

Lotus Herbal White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion with SPF 25 and PA+++

~ Skin innovation, visible results in 7 days
~ Deep and Fast Penetrating Formula
~ Lightens : It lightens skin's tine by reducing uneven pigmentation
~ Whitens : It unveils visibly fairer skin by reducing dark spots
~ Brightens : It enhances Skin's radiance naturally


Micro-Emulsion is a revolutionary formulation that blends the hydrating properties of water and nourishing goodness of oil in a manner that the resultant formulation has very fine particle size.

Advantages of Micro-Emulsion :

1.  2-6 times deeper and faster penetration
2.   Quicker delivery of ingredients
3.  Nourishes and Hydrates
4.   Leaves no residue 

Lotus Herbal White Glow ~ Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion ~ Product Review and Pictures


Its a technologically advanced formulation that provides triple action on skin ~ Lightening, Brightening and Whitening with the help of rare fruit and proven plant extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to provide enduring action. The result , your skin looks fairer, flawless and radiant.

Its free from harsh chemicals, that generally have side effects.

Lotus Herbal White Glow ~ Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion ~ Product Review and Pictures
How to use ?

Use morning and evening all over face and neck after cleansing it thoroughly. For synergic effect, use in conjunction with WHITEGLOW Intensive Skin whitening and Brightening Serum.

What It has done for me ?

I always wanted a light-non greasy moisturizer for my face that can make my face soft throughout the day and m glad I finally found it.
It has definitely even out my skin tone and gives a nice soft dewy glow to my skin.
I use it in the morning after washing my face with my regular Himalya Neem Foaming face wash and after that if required any makeup over it.
Keeps my facial skin hydrated, soft and supple.
Also before going to sleep I use it over my face and neck and say then ,,,, I say hello!! to a soft glowy skin the next morning. :)
It has never broke out my skin or in fact any other bad thing.

Lotus Herbal White Glow ~ Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion ~ Product Review and Pictures

One single pump amount is enough for your face at a time, because I use it for my neck too I liberally pump twice and massage the cream into my skin for a good minute.

As far as the packaging goes It looks neat and classy , the pump is very nice and the bottle is made of hard glass.

Lotus Herbal White Glow ~ Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion ~ Product Review and Pictures
Enough of description is present inside the carton of this product.

The fragrance is very mild n flowery. I love it.
The consistency of the cream is just perfect, blends out so easily into my skin.
Non-greasy and doesn't leave any white cast on your face.

This cream has definitely made my skin better and yes I can see the glow on my face and the soft feather like touch too :) :)
The uneven skin is gone and definitely the acne scars and sun spots have lighten allot, so I can easily say that It has lighten my skin on a good note.

It has stood up to all its claims for me. Nothing negative for it from my experience :)

Price : 245 INR
Net wt : 40 ml

Recommendation : Oh yes please!!! I completely completely recommend it to all of you :)




  1. i looove this one. Finished two bottles and broke one he he... Right now this is not enough for my dry skin, so I am using Ponds active mositure :)

  2. @ Indgal lovesshopping :

    me luv it too,,
    Its doing good for me uptil now,, dun knw how its gonna fare in coming days :) but all in all good one,, :)

  3. I have this too and love it... Works great as a night cream too

  4. Looks good! i must try this one out in summer bcoz I have extremely dry skin and I dont think it'll work for me now :( nice review :)

  5. @ thepurplespirit :

    I love how effective it has been for me and great to know that all of you love it same as I do :)

  6. @ Deepika :

    yes you must,,I highly recommend it,,

  7. Wow, this sounds great! :)
    What's your skin type? I'm searching for a good winter moisturizer for my sensitive combination skin

  8. it sounds like a totally awesome product will try it for sure....
    thanks for the review......<3

  9. nice review , I will try this for sure !

  10. @ Keerthi :

    it is great Keerthi :)
    my skin type is normal yet sensitive,, but it will completely suit you,, you must try it :)

  11. @ makeup chic :

    my pleasure dear :)

  12. @ CookDoKoo :

    yes,,do try it :)

  13. Namita..Does it turns the face oily after applying..

  14. @ Divine Blush :

    No,, but if you use more than one pump that it might slightly,,
    just one pump is enough dear :)

  15. Ya.. then i l give a try.. my Lakme perfect radiance is almost over.. Thanks Namita..

  16. @ Divine Blush :

    your welcome honey :) do try it,,it works real good and is very affordable :)
    Hope I was of any help :)

  17. i absolutely love this one, babe!!! it's my HG product for day and night right now. i always pick it up if it's on sale even i am overstocked lol ;)

  18. Think I shd try ths now. Nice review Namita.

  19. And I, I was living under a rock and did not bother about trying it:P

  20. Okk..then I'l give this a try, thanks for the great review Namita :)

  21. @ Coral Crue :

    he he ;) even I bought it online fearing its not available at my place and now when I go to any supermarket I see tonnes of products from this range..

    even I love using it,, I guess I have finally found the one :) :D

  22. @ Aarthi :

    ohh you must must try it then,, m sure you will love it,,

    Thanks :)

  23. @ Emm :

    oh so when are you coming out :P :P

  24. @ Keerthi :

    M glad I helped :D

  25. Different descriptive information on Skin Whitening products.

  26. @ anshuman :

    will check it out soon Anshuman . :)

  27. awww looking for this review ....will try it soon !:D