Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Going down memory lane :)

I really value all the things in my life because each of them has a different sentiment attached with it and I like reviving the moments they happened to be an important part in my life...
Being Emotional is an absolute under statement for a girl like me and I love telling stories (you have to ask people close to me for that,,I kinda make them sit forcefully and make them listen to my banter ;) ;) yup one of the ill-effects of knowing me ;) ,,,) so sit back as I am going on a short memory lane from my life to your screen :)

I love Angels :) ,, I have few angels in my life who love me unconditionally and their affection towards me is completely pious. I love them and live to see them smile :)
These figurines are all given to me by at different moments in my life and the one at the top on the left is the closest to my heart,,this angel framed my life beautifully the dame it came in my life. All these signifies different emotions and I take care of them more than I do of my own.
These are only few of them as the rest of them are not with me at the moment,,but I love them too :)

This beautiful purse set was bought from Japan and I am deeply attached to it because of the days it reminds me of..the beautiful people and even more beautiful times.

This scarf is uniquely special to me and I had little tears in my eyes when it was given to me just because of the pure love it had in it and the smile of the person at that moment who gifted me this lil something special. Its very very pretty :) and even more special..

 The ones who know me knows how much I love using different purse/hand bags all the time. In one of the shopping spree I had with my loved one I was in search of a small bag with a long strap ( ticket conductor bag in other words,, ;) ..) I checked some 20 stores and some 200 bags and didn't find the one I wanted and then finally after a long long search I got this one from Holli , this brand is available in Lifestyle I suppose,,I am not so sure because after buying this ,both of us ran through the entire mall to the parking lot to get to our car as we were getting so damn late,,he he won't forget that day like EVER,, I love my Ticket Conductor bag so much,, <3 :)

This pair of earrings were bought when I was in 9th standard,,a new shop had opened in the market near my house and that shop was so dear to me as it was full of stuff I loved . On one fine day I had gone to one of my friend's house and on my way back went to that shop "FRAGRANCE" just like that,, my eyes glued on this pair of earrings,, I really really liked it.... I had never bought anything on my own at that age so  buying it on my own was a big deal for me, it costed me 40 bucks,, I still remember.
 Nevertheless I bought it and went home and  showed it to my maa who loved it more cos I had bought something on my own   for the very first time,, This was my first buy and even today I look out for it in my earring drawer :) ,, I love it and I am going to keep it safe till I live because it is indeed special.

Sharing all my emotions here is slightly difficult but I value and love everything I have. 
I love them all and also the people and the stories behind them.

Thanks,, :)



  1. lovely ! There is a emotional attachment to certain things.. im also like u :)

  2. @ CookDoKoo :

    yup they are,,n very close to my heart too..
    we are same same :D yeyy :)

  3. lovely post

    earrings and dolls are so adorable

  4. wowwwwwwwwww... namita there is a surprise for u in my blog.. please check

  5. @ Sahar awan :

    Thanks allot sahar :)

  6. @ Ani :

    Thanks dear,,already checked it out,, :)

    Thanks again,, :)

  7. very nice post..even I keep on collecting stuffs and find it hard to part away as each thing I own is because I loved them even if for a minute and have a lot of memories attached to them. People who do not understand emotions thinks i am just a collector :D


  8. @ sweet and bitter :

    I share the same emotion with you,, yep sometimes certain people do call us that way but umm I guess its ok,,to each its own,,

    Thanks allot girl :)

  9. That is a cute and special post Namita :)

  10. @ Aarthi :

    yep it is, very special :)